Work with a life coach to accelerate your personal growth

New Delhi [India], June 20 (ANI/Digpu): The world is going through unforeseen turmoil and chaos lately. Although people have shown utmost bravery yet they are fearful about the future. Many of them are well educated and highly skilled but unsure of their job security in the coming time. There seems to be a lot to [...]

Life coach Shilpa Singh talks about her book Medi-Sin Children

In conversation with Digpu, Shilpa Singh discusses her book Medi-Sin Children and her journey towards becoming a life coach. She also talks about how she sees life and what she perceives of it. In this Q&A session, Shilpa Singh talks about her book and her achievements in life so far. Tell us about yourself. What [...]

If you blame your circumstances this is for you

Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh — a Life Transformation coach trained under inner circle of world renowned Peak performance coach Mr.Arfeen Khan . When you are stuck in your life ,as a life coach i bring out the best in you and help you take your life to the next level by working on [...]

Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh a life transformation coach

Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh a life transformation coach. i have been trained under world renowned peak performance coach Mr.Arfeen Khan . having worked in 15 years in Corporate Insurance sector at various levels, i followed my calling to be a Life coach. My mission is to enable , empower and uplift people. I [...]

How Corporate world had made me selfish !

Working for 14 years non stop without a single break doing something i was not passionate about had its side effects . Living 9 hours everyday in an envoirnment wherein day in day out people are demonstrating selfishness for their survival by pulling each other down because the best project should come to you , [...]