This one’s for you if you’re struggling to grow in terms of income, impact & influence.

As coaches and healers, our journey involves transformation, growth, and impact. Yet, certain common limiting beliefs often act as roadblocks to our progress, preventing us from achieving the income, impact, and influence we deserve. It’s time to shine a light on these beliefs and rewrite our narrative for success.

Let’s explore the 3 most common limiting beliefs. Join us on this journey of empowerment and growth.

1. The Price Dilemma: Overcoming Comparison

Have you ever hesitated to charge what you’re truly worth because other experienced coaches are charging less? This comparison game can be a real confidence killer. 

But here’s the reality check: You have a unique value proposition. 

Your methods, your approach, and your personal touch set you apart. It’s time to quit the comparison game and focus on the value you bring.

Every coach’s journey is unique, just like the transformation they facilitate for their clients. Instead of getting entangled in the comparison web, it’s time to shift the focus to what truly matters: the value you bring to the table. It’s about recognizing that your coaching isn’t just about information dissemination; it’s about catalyzing change, inspiring growth, and unlocking potential.

Your price isn’t just a number; it reflects your expertise, commitment, and the transformation you facilitate. Your fee should resonate with your offerings’ depth and impact on your clients’ lives. By setting the right price, you’re positioning yourself as a premium coach who stands confidently in the value you provide.

It’s important to understand that clients who align with your philosophy and resonate with your approach will gladly invest in your services. By stepping away from the comparison game, you’re sending a strong message to the universe that you value yourself and your transformative work. You’re creating a space for clients who recognize and appreciate your worth.

So, the next time you catch yourself hesitating due to Comparison, remind yourself of your unique value proposition. Your methods are yours alone, your approach is distinct, and your personal touch is irreplaceable. Your coaching journey is a path only you can walk, and your pricing should reflect the one-of-a-kind transformation you facilitate.

2. From Free Seekers to Paying Clients: Bridging the Gap

The notion that people only want free stuff can be discouraging. 

Yes, offering free value builds trust, but showcasing the depth and commitment of your paid services is important. 

But here’s the reality check: People pay for quality services. But you gotta show them it’s worth it.

The initial attraction to free content is natural; it’s a way for potential clients to get a glimpse of what you offer and to test the waters of transformation. However, the key lies in transitioning from being “free seekers” to becoming “paying clients” who are invested in their growth journey.

Shifting this mindset is pivotal for both coaches and clients. For coaches, recognizing potential clients’ journeys before committing to transformation. For clients, it means realizing that true growth involves investing in themselves.

To bridge this gap, the journey starts with providing valuable content at no cost. This showcases your expertise and demonstrates your genuine desire to contribute positively to your audience’s lives. It’s about offering a taste of the transformational journey they could embark upon with your guidance.

Moreover, paid clients are more committed because they understand the worth of investing in their growth. The transition from free seekers to paying clients requires a shift in perspective. It’s not just about what you’re giving; it’s about what they’re gaining. It’s about empowering them to invest in their transformation and embrace their growth journey.

So, coaches, keep providing valuable free content that builds trust and showcases your expertise. But don’t stop there. Show potential clients the full scope of what you offer. Help them recognize that investing in your paid services is an investment in their transformation. It’s a journey beyond mere transactions – a mutual commitment to their growth and your guidance.

3. Embracing the Worth of Your Service

Putting a price on a service that helps people can evoke guilt or hesitation. However, coaching isn’t just about providing a friendly ear and guiding profound transformation. You’re helping individuals overcome financial barriers, conquer career challenges, mend broken relationships, and address deep-seated traumas. 

But here’s the reality check: The value you provide as a coach extends beyond simply exchanging services for money

Coaching is a journey that empowers individuals to break free from limitations, overcome challenges, and embrace their full potential. 

It’s about assisting them in conquering financial barriers that might have held them back, navigating complex career hurdles, mending relationships that were once broken, and addressing deep-seated emotional traumas. 

The impact of coaching is far-reaching, as it touches multiple facets of an individual’s life, helping them navigate their path to a more fulfilled and enriched existence.

It’s crucial to recognize that the value you provide as a coach extends beyond simply exchanging services for money. The time, energy, expertise, and genuine care you invest in each coaching session are worth compensation. Embracing this truth isn’t just recognizing your self-worth; it’s acknowledging the value of the transformative journey you’re guiding your clients through.

It’s time to let go of any hesitations or guilt associated with putting a price on your coaching services. Instead, embrace the fact that your coaching is a powerful and transformative journey that has the potential to uplift, empower, and inspire. It leads to profound change, growth, and a more fulfilling life.

Love From Your Coach

It’s time to break free from these limiting beliefs that have held us back. Our expertise is not ordinary; it’s extraordinary. Charging what we’re worth isn’t just about money; it’s about acknowledging the value we provide and respecting our work. 

Our impact goes beyond transactions; it’s about creating lasting transformations. It’s time to set a quality standard by valuing ourselves, our services, and the transformations we facilitate. 

So, let’s challenge these limiting beliefs together. Let’s step into our power as coaches and healers, unapologetically embrace our value, and create a ripple of transformation that changes lives. 

Are you ready to elevate your coaching journey and break through these barriers? The choice is yours, and the path to success is waiting for you to walk it.

Remember, your expertise has the potential to change lives. It’s time to believe, own, and make it happen.

Your journey to limitless growth starts now.


1. How can I communicate the value of my coaching services effectively to potential clients?
Effectively communicating the value of your coaching services involves showcasing your expertise, sharing client success stories, and demonstrating the tangible impact of your work. Clearly articulate the transformations clients can expect to achieve through your guidance and emphasize the long-term benefits of investing in their growth journey.
2. How can I navigate the challenge of imposter syndrome as a coach or healer?
Imposter syndrome is a common challenge among coaches and healers. To navigate it, focus on your unique qualifications, experiences, and the transformations you’ve facilitated. Remind yourself of the positive feedback and success stories from your clients. Seek support from mentors, peers, and communities that uplift and validate your expertise.
3. What steps can I take to boost my confidence in charging what I'm worth?
Boosting your confidence in charging what you’re worth involves reframing your mindset, focusing on your unique value, and celebrating your successes. Practice positive self-talk and affirmations that reinforce your values. Continuously educate yourself, refine your coaching skills, and stay updated on industry trends to enhance your expertise.
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