Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh a life transformation coach

Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh a life transformation coach. i have been trained under world renowned peak performance coach Mr.Arfeen Khan .

having worked in 15 years in Corporate Insurance sector at various levels, i followed my calling to be a Life coach.

My mission is to enable , empower and uplift people.

I specialize in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals through the power of coaching to make the mental shifts required to sustain change .

in one such coaching session ,I was talking to Deepti , a young working professional in her late twenties ,struggling to get clarity about her future .

I found her to be a fun loving,bubbly girl who loves being around people , is upfront, straight ,honest and not only speaks whatever comes to her mind ,but also quickly answers without giving a second thought.

Her struggle was that she was not comfortable being herself and gave lot of importance to what people would think about her leading her to become politically correct with people around her

It was as if there were 2 persons living in the same body :one person she is and another one she is not

Unfortunately it was taking a toll on her and she was losing herself ,her identity .

I kept on asking her few powerful questions for her to delve into the issue and find out the root cause of the issue.

Post intervention she shared her realization about herself .

Her need of acceptance was deeply rooted in her childhood and post few more sessions

on decoding her personality test ,her limiting beliefs , outcomes , who she is and what is important to her ,she made a beautiful blueprint of how she will take her life to the next level .

in this world we have many women like Deepti who wont accept themselves the way they are and constantly try to be what they are not to please others.

the underlying deep cause of unhappiness is that women are too hard on themselves .

I want you to ask yourself :

Do you know who you are?

What makes you the person you are?

Do you accept yourself?

Are you evolving as a person?

Of course you would know what your likes and dislikes are but do you know what does all that say about yourself?

As much as how awesome you are deep down , most of the time you only care about how society perceives you rather than how you perceive yourself .

In spite of being together for all 24 hours/365 days the person you tend to know the least is yourself !

To know who we think we are is an incredibly powerful piece of knowledge .

however a more truer understanding that combines an analysis of our past with our current thought patterns and hidden potential is the key to unlock the true you .