How Corporate world had made me selfish !

Working for 14 years non stop without a single break doing something i was not passionate about had its side effects .

Living 9 hours everyday in an envoirnment wherein day in day out people are demonstrating selfishness for their survival by pulling each other down because the best project should come to you , because you want to score better in in your boss’ s eyes .because you want to get the best KRA at the end of the year, because your long due promotion will mostly happen if your boss and management likes you .because you want that paycheck at the end of the month ,because you have a family back home to provide for , because u think u deserve better than the other team members so on so forth.

In this corporate rat race for survival the very human element somewhere gets misssed out .kindness is nowhere to be seen .its only “I” .

And i became one like them. as they say you are average of 5 people you hang around with most. you become like them .

I never realized in 14 years of my corporate career i had become selfish .i was only bothered about myself .

I wanted motivation from others .

I wanted self respect from others .

I wanted appreciation for my work from others.

I wanted better projects than others .

I wanted better KRA than others .

I wanted better treatment by my boss .

I wanted better salary .

I wanted great boss.

I wanted great work enviornment .

so that “I” feel great.

Did i ever stop and think what am i doing for others ?

Did i ever choose kindness in place of anger .

Did i ever choose giving in place of asking .

Did i ever focus on solution rather than problem .

Did i ever lift somebody up ?

And the answers to all these questions were a big NO.

So if i dont give what i expect from others how can i expect to get what i want .

This i learnt after 14 years of working and feeling stagnant at the age of 37 years.

I was stuck .i felt miserable within .i was not enjoying what i was doing .there was a void inside me .i couldnt comprehend what is that is missing in spite of having everything around me .

Looked deeper within and started finding out the purpose of my life .

In my quest to find answers to why was i born to this earth ? whats the meaning of my life ? was i born to just survive ? To serve others with selfish intent ?

I found my answers when someone introduced me to coaching and months later i decided to quit my job and became a life coach .

I experienced a shift in my life .i experienced breakthroughs .i realized each human being has three missions:

To improve spiritually
To selflessly serve others
To use individual gifts and talents for the growth of others .

My life was changing .i got new direction to my life .i could connect the dots of why i was suffering .it was all rooted somewhere in my past. in my childhood .

I was experiencing transformation .

Fast forward to today i am looking my life from a different lense .

I am more peaceful from within.i am happy .content .joyful .

Life feels like a fairytale not because i left my 9 to 6 job but because being a life coach now i am :

-Contributing to society

-I am helping people become best version of themselves

-I am impacting people’s lives

-I am writing a book to help people learn from my life experiences

-I am using my talent for the growth of others

-I experience kindness than i did ever before

I never thought i was kind but life coaching has transformed me completely it has made me more human .

Just 2 days ago i was doing my routine morning walk in the garden at 7 am when i saw an old lady sitting in a corner on a bench crying silently so that nobody sees her .somehow i saw tears in her eyes and continued walking .my instant reaction was maybe i should not stop and not disturb her, she may not like my interference.

But moments later i took a turn came back sat next to her .kept my hand on her knees and asked ,what happened aunty ?u dont seem fine .u have tears in your eyes .is there something bothering you ? Can i help you ?

Just my asking this brought a big smile on her face and she said thank you beta for stopping by and asking .i am fine now .its life! something here and there keeps happening.i cried ,let my emotions out and feeling little better .

her thank you’s to me were not stopping she felt overwhelmed that i stopped and asked about her .she blessed me and i resumed my walking .

I did not want to prod further as she might not be comfortable sharing her emotions with a stranger like me but she must have realized that kindness is still alive on this planet.

I felt great for the first time that i brought a smile on someone s face without any selfish reasons .

Kindness is new in . Practice kindness .it never goes out of fashion !