If you blame your circumstances this is for you

Hi i am Shilpa Neema Singh — a Life Transformation coach trained under inner circle of world renowned Peak performance coach Mr.Arfeen Khan .

When you are stuck in your life ,as a life coach i bring out the best in you and help you take your life to the next level by working on your mindset .

sharing one of the story of a person i mentored who was stuck in his profession.

He is a chartered accountant in his early thirties .He had an opportunity to earn a few millions in one deal .it was easy money but did not feel right to him .his heart and mind was in contradiction .he let go off the opportunity as his heart won over his mind.

Fast forward to 2 years now ,he still thinks about it ,he feels he should have accepted the money as that would have taken his life many levels ahead by now .

He doubted his decision making capabilities.

He was looking for an answer as this was bothering him and was stuck in his current profession.

We all go through such dilemma s in our lives at some point, the question to ask yourself, is your decision making in alignment with who you are as a person?

We just take random decisions based on gut or experience ,what if i told you that there is a process to help you make well thought out decisions.

Post intervention he realized his decision was in absolute alignment with who he was as a person ,he is happy he took that decision , after going through a process he is now looking at same problem from a different lens ,has no more regrets and is more confident to further his life .

Ask yourself how do you take important decisions of your life ?

At every point in your your life, there are opportunities to make decisions. The decisions you make are IMPORTANT. You are here at this stage of your life right now, because of a series of decisions. always ask yourself “what is the risk & what is the potential reward?” When you think about going to gym for reducing weight either u reduce weight or you simply stay where you are. the decision you make creates your experience. What is the risk? You might lose motivation or consistency and thereby wasting money you put in . What is the reward? You may grow beyond your perceived limitation, you may find a new freedom or your body may feel bit more flexible than it did yesterday.

Whatever your situation is, recognizing that you have a choice in why you are here and what is happening to you is critical to your happiness. Your decisions may not always create the results you intend, but they must be your decisions. The decision to create joy in your life is possible every single day. Look at a single opportunity to make a decision that will create happiness in your life or someone else’s life and do the right thing. Whether you are in your office ,on your treadmill or in your car or at the coffee shop, make a decision today that will elevate your quality of life.

Steven covey says “You are not the product of your genes , you are not the product of you education, you are not the product of your circumstances ,you are what you are because of decisions you take in life ” !

Ladies and gentleman I need you to shout out loud “I …your name …”am not a product of my circumstance .i am product of my decisions “ and own it.