It’s your turn to ACT, ADAPT, and TRANSFORM to get ahead & build your dream life!

10 weeks is all you need to go from Zero to Hero and create a life of ultimate Purpose, Calling, Impact, and Abundance!

Get ready to enter a massive transformational journey to Discover Your True Self, Master the Roadmap of Building a 7-fig Life from scratch, and Impact Millions of Souls by becoming a High-Influence Coach without compromising on your Peace, Health, or Personal Relationships – in just 10 weeks!


People into unlocking their 7-fig life


Community of highly-motivated achievers


Annual income into monthly multi 7-fig ROI as a Life Coach in 3 years


LIVE sessions

Are you exhausted from hustling in your 9to5 job and jumping from one company to another but still not finding the happiness, peace, satisfaction, recognition, or financial abundance that you crave for?

A homemaker who wants to move out of the closet and build her own strong identity?

Is this your current life story?

You feel stuck in the monotonous loop of your unfulfilling corporate job.

You feel neglected as a homemaker and want to start something of your own

Your mind feels chaotic with depressing self-doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs

You feel as if your true potential to impact and add value has been lost somewhere

You are staggering through a purposeless life

You want to break free from the rigidity of your current life and do something where you have freedom of time, location, and money

You have this burning desire of making a real impact in people’s lives but no idea where to start

You feel as if all doors of growth and new opportunities are closed for you and there is no way out

If you said yes to all of it, then it’s high time for you to get off the rollercoaster of all your past struggles and disappointments and start the journey toward building your high-impact million-dollar life from scratch!

Because I know what it feels like to constantly jump from one job/business to another, only to feel more frustrated and desperate every time it ends. 

To work under a boss who doesn’t appreciate your efforts and recognize you for your true potential. 

To be an unemployed homemaker who constantly struggles to create her identity inside the household and the society at large.

To be a business owner who is unclear about his/her goals and not getting the desired income because of doubts and fears.

The thing is, whether it’s getting paid a whopping 7 or 8-fig salary, or building the most profitable business – nothing is gonna change the dynamics of your life until you understand your core values as an individual and find the true purpose of your life.

From being a scared, underconfident, directionless, shy 9 to 5 goer to becoming an established 8-fig life coach who has coached 200+ people into unlocking their 7-fig life, built 40k+ community, and taken 1000+ live sessions so far,

I took the biggest quantum leap into creating a multi-7-figure-per-month life at the age of 38 by taking one small step of investing for my self-development. 

Leaving 14yrs long corporate career and entering a new domain of life coaching and personal growth made me realize that 

Nobody can get you out of your misery, trauma, chaos, and inactions if you don’t take the initiative for yourself again and again!

And that is exactly why I created a 10-week ultimate self-discovery and purpose-finding journey for you.


Million Dollar Coach Traning

Certification Program

An intensive 10-week journey where I will handhold you at every step of reestablishing your connection with your lost self, getting utmost clarity on what you want to do in life, understanding what excites you, and getting you ready to attract high-paying clients as a life coach.

I will coach you LIVE every week to help you acknowledge your deep-rooted fears and limiting blocks and understand your core values and beliefs so that you can find out your ultimate life purpose. 

In these 10 weeks, you will follow the same roadmap that I followed to know everything related to coaching for me and my clients and create a life where I have the freedom to work at any time from any corner of the world, impact millions of lives and earn in the noblest way possible without hustling in a with unclarity or selling my soul to get the job done!

After completion of the 10-week journey, there will be two major possibilities for you – either you take life coaching as a career and manifest your own million-dollar coaching business with a proven system that I will share with you, or build your dream career by becoming ultra clear on your mindset and life goals. 

A one-of-a-kind massive transformation journey to coach yourself and become a high-impact coach for others!

Hear it from our Army of Million Dollar Coaches who haven’t just transformed themselves but are now earning in 6 to 7-fig and attracting high-paying clients from around the world as life coaches!

Who can join this program?
This is for you…

If you are a homemaker looking for something to start your career from home

If you are a corporate working professional who wants to rethink/reshape your career

If you are a business owner but don’t feel aligned to it anymore and looking to get clarity of mind

If you want to grow your current career with utmost clarity on your goals

If you want to make an impact in the world through your work

If you want to work from home, or literally anywhere without any location or time barrier

If you want to build a life of freedom and flexibility

If you want to transform your life first before transforming other’s

If you want to skyrocket your growth and attract financial abundance effortlessly

Here’s exactly what you can expect to experience during the 10-week of Million Dollar Coach Training


How to Coach Yourself – The model [CTFAR] which can solve any problem


Wheel of Life – Emotional Childhood/Adulthood


Belief System – Navigation


Past/Future Focus Techniques


Outcome and Goal cultivation


Overcoming Challenges – Decision Making


Massive Actions


Circle of Influence – Manual Tool


Unconditional Love to Unleash


The Roadmap and Blueprint to Success

Plus you will get to

Learn & Apply

Last week of every month you will be practicing LIVE coaching to learn and apply all that I will teach you in the program.

By the end of 3 months:

  • you will get all knowledge, information, and practice
  • You will get super ready to start coaching clients LIVE
  • Learn the step-by-step formula to hold the pace for your clients
  • Build your own coaching business
  • Work for corporates as a Mind Coach
  • Master everything your need to know about business, sales and finding your niche as a Life Coach

How it will work?

LIVE Zoom sessions by Shilpa.

Sessions will be conducted once every week for 1.5 hours 


5:30 AM to 7:00 AM
– Every Tuesday for 10 weeks

Your Investment

“Million Dollar Coach Certification 10-week Training”

Value is INR 2,75,900/-

Including these exciting collection of bonuses for you


Lifetime Access to Million Dollar Coach Community

You become an average of 5 people you surround yourself with. Imagine interacting with a group of highly-motivated people who share your interests, support your thoughts, listen to your doubts, don’t judge or criticize you for your mistakes, act as your biggest cheerleaders and encourage you to do better and better every day!


6 months of Mastermind Workshop

What better than learning and growing with people who have been in your shoes and now actualizing the desires you dream of? This workshop will help you shoot up your confidence and mindset so that you can achieve all that you want more efficiently.


Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp

You can learn and practice all that you want but without mastering the psychology of money energy, you won’t be able to crack the code of building a million-dollar life. MMMB will help you overcome your limiting money beliefs and tap into your highest money energy so that you can effortlessly attract the abundance you truly deserve.


3 months of Million Dollar Morning Achievers

The one thing that got me where I am today is following a powerful 5 AM morning routine. And that’s exactly what you will do inside the MDMA program. You will practice a simple 6-step morning routine every day from Monday to Friday in a LIVE session hosted by my star Coach Sushmita and turn it into a life-long habit.

Investing in your personal growth made accessible!!!



RS. 2,75,000 



ONLY RS. 1,25,900/- (Including GST!!!)

Offer for Quick Action Takers


Discount Offer Valid Only For










Pay in 3 installments by pre-booking your slot with just INR 30k

Pay the remaining amount in two installments of INR 40,500/- each

Just 3 years ago, I was at your place, reading similar content from a coach, wondering whether it’s worth the investment or not.

That day, if I had not taken the call of going ahead and signing up, I wouldn’t be offering this to you today. I invested way more than this in my self-development and what I got in return was way more than that – an 8-fig freedom life, a community of mentees who look up to me every day, peaceful life, and fulfilling work that excites and encourages me to do more with each passing day!


The universe helps those who help themselves

Take one small step towards your dream life and see what surprises you unfold along the way!

Still got some questions?
We’ve got you covered!

Is this program about coaching others or developing own mindset?

Both. In order to coach others, you need to coach yourself first and become your own best coach. And that’s exactly what you’ll do inside the 10-week Million Dollar Coach Training Program. You’ll let go of your limiting beliefs, heal your traumas, build a new perspective and shift your mindset energetically. You’ll raise your vibration and become the highest version of yourself who is ready to guide others on the same path.

Will this be an online or in-person program?

This will be purely online based. Sessions will be conducted by Shilpa once every week for 1.5 hours 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM – Every Wednesday for 10 weeks.

Are there any EMI options?

Yes, you can pre-book your spot by paying INR 30k right now and pay the remaining amount in 2 installments of INR 40,500/- each.

What if I miss any of the sessions?

You will be provided with the recording of each session so you may watch it later as well.

Who will take the LIVE sessions?

The sessions will be hosted by Shilpa.

Being a mother of two kids will it be possible for me to learn and transform lives?

When I started my journey, I was a mother of two. And I’ve come pretty far from where I began. The best part? Now I can spend as much time as I want with my kids, which I was missing out on for good 13-14yrs of life.

Is this course for becoming a life coach?

This course is about becoming your own best coach before you can coach others. Connecting with your inner self, rebuilding your relationship with your soul, digging deep into your subconscious mind, and reprogramming it from the roots. This journey is about finding yourself, finding what you want from life, and finding who you want to serve. And in the process, if you think you can pass on your newly found wisdom to other people and change their lives just like you did for yourself, you may very well take on the life coaching career. 

Will this course help me in establishing my business/career?

Definitely! As it’s a deep inner working course, you will be able to align your mindset, get clear on your goals and run your business with a fresh and powerful perspective. You’ll know exactly where your interest lies. You’ll be able to handle hard situations in a calm and positive way, and most importantly, you’ll develop leadership skills by working on your own self. 

Is it possible that I can become a coach even if my English is not so good?

Shilpa has trained people who are now coaching others in their native languages. Language is never a barrier if your intention is right. Put your most authentic self out and see how people with start connecting with you effortlessly.

Will I be able to support my family?

The beauty of the life coaching career is that you not only revive yourself but also develop a sense of service toward making other’s life beautiful. And through that, you earn a wealth of purpose that supports your family as well. There’s no limit to how much you can grow as a life coach because there are billions of people out there who need help in different areas of their lives.

I would like to know how to manifest? I am trying for a job since last year...

After completion of the 10-week journey, there will be two major possibilities for you – either you take life coaching as a career and build your own business with proven techniques that Shilpa will share with you, or get ready to build your dream career by becoming ultra clear on your life goals. 

Either way, it will be a win-win for you, because you can achieve anything with a clear and powerful mindset.

About your ‘dream life’ mentor, Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh is a Life Transformation Coach who uses positive psychology to help people design their best life.

She is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of discipline, happiness, clarity, and success.

She is the author of Amazon’s bestseller “Medi-Sin Children”.

Shilpa has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for her contribution to impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achiever’s Club, Shilpa has till now helped over 7000+ men & women to discover their best-performing selves & built a community of over 45k people.

An MBA in marketing, Shilpa had served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years and climbed up the career ladder to become a Senior Manager, and can relate to the problems of working professionals extremely well. 

Shilpa is now on a mission to help a million more people to have a relaxing & flourishing life in 2022 and beyond.

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