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Welcome ! i am shilpa singh founder of Vedic Parenting inc

Our mission is to empower 21st century parents  with skills ,techniques, tools and principles making  parents effective  in raising capable ,caring and contributing children.

Thank you for stopping by , parents, we at vedic parenting will share with you tools principles techniques to raise motivated ,responsible and resilient kids.

  • we Equip Parents to become incredible parents to raise successful and happy kids
  • Become an Incredible Parent and find peace and joy in the process
  • Parenthood can transform you to become a better version of yourself
  • Take your parenting to the next level
  • Before helping a child, it’s important for a parent to become one’s ideal self.
  • explore parenting from the Indian traditional texts .
  • Our child’s tomorrow will be heavily influenced by the values they learn today

Transforming relationships

Parenting can be challenging to navigate at times but the investment in learning better communication skills will increase your confidence, improve your relationship with your children and reward you with a more positive family dynamics.

Raising kids is challenging in today’s rapidly  increasing digital world. Vedic Parenting Coaching instills connection and confidence in parents within themselves first to deal with certainty and build deep, enduring relationships with their kids

Vedic Parenting  coaching  for expectant parents, couple and single parent

Feel supported and empowered on your parenting journey

Deeply connect with your child on a heart and soul level

When a child grows up with self love and self acceptance her parents have produced a happy child and a happy child is a success! Dr.bernie siegal

Welcome to Vedic Parenting

Vedic parenting is India’s First parenting coaching company inspired by ancient Indian texts focusing on the  development and transformation of parent’s consciousness in raising  happy ,confident and fulfilled children.

In Indian traditional wisdom inculcating good discipline, developing a strong character, temperament, and morale in the child is considered the highest priority.

The discharge of parental duties towards the child is ‘parenting’. The word ‘parenting’ is derived from a Latin word ‘Pario’ meaning “to give life” (not just giving birth).

Our  traditional wisdom regards parents and Gurus as highly revered and are raised to the level of Gods.

Through the medium of Ancient Indian texts we offer parents the needed skills to transform the spirit inside of every child , and propel tomorrow’s leaders into their full potential .

Parenting is the world’s number 1 health issue ,every parent is overwhelmed with array of information by learning the right way of parenting yet so many parents still remain disillusioned when they see their child not growing up the way the parents expect them to be .

We at Vedic Parenting brings tools and techniques to support parents to raise kids with high degree of connection, respectful communication and lots of laughter and celebrations.

Experience Transformation

While the world has a lot to offer on the parenting front, we at Vedic parenting believe there’s a lot to be learned from our own ancient practices.  we offer parents to  have the best of both worlds, taking the holistic wisdom of ancient parenting, and the modern approaches of the current one.

We have developed highly interactive workshops and coaching programs that guides ,supports  and empower parents of children  in the age group 3 to 10 years .

The workshops  provides Parents the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children and their relationships with them. As they learn more, parents will discover that their jobs can be really enjoyable, and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their kids’ love

We are committed to give self transformation to parents by working through your belief systems.

Peaceful ,deeply connected ,empowered mothers and fathers meeting children’s emotional- behavioral needs with ease and confidence .

a world where all children are nurtured to discover ,cultivate and apply their natural gifts and talents.

Parents having joy and fulfillment in day to day parenting

Vedic parenting Movement is making a difference in the life of every parent and child

Inspiring and equipping  21st century parents with skills ,techniques, tools and principles making  them more effective parents in raising capable ,caring and contributing children.

How do we accomplish our mission:

  • Offer 1:1 parent coaching  to mothers and fathers
  • Work with Corporate organizations , schools to provide parenting coaching services to moms and dads
  • Conducting 1 -3 day parenting workshops in schools and organizations
  • Online courses for
  • Support  new parenting coaches in the development of their coaching business

The parenting tools that we teach can help promote healthy brain development and increase emotional intelligence, so you can give your child a solid foundation for their future.

About me

I am mom of two kids 8 year old Aryamaan and 4 year old Vedika.

I have been a corporate professional for past 14 years and while going through the typical struggles of a Corporate Mom and dissatisfied juggling between professional and personal life ,one day  I decided that I need to take charge of my life and do something that gives me satisfaction. I realized that for things to change I need to change,  i turned my life around by following my inner calling to be a Life Transformation Coach and now an author,a speaker and a certified life coach sharing my wisdom with the world.


Individual & Couples Coaching


Single parents

Group Coaching

You may want to share the cost and have a small group of parents.  Often parents have children the same age and have similar issues.  Perhaps getting the kids to school on time or help setting limits.  This is also an option and you have the other parents as support afterwards.

Large Groups & Trainings

You may have a larger group in a school or a corporate organization.  I am also available for trainings, workshops and conferences.  I can do parenting for a certain age group (or a specific topic ex. Parenting toddlers, Starting School Strong, Bulling behaviors)

Coaching Options

Coaching sessions by phone

Coaching sessions by Skype/zoom

Coaching sessions in person .

Fill in your details & get ready to dive in!