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Million Dollar Life School

Do you want to experience version 2.0 of yourself?

When you come here, you leave behind your old mindset and discover a new you.

Million Dollar Life School allows you to dwell deep into who you are and what is your life’s purpose. It’s a place where positivity embraces you, your mindset up levels, spirituality does magic, and you start feeling happy from the inside. your mindset changes, you experience clarity, get rid of your limiting beliefs, and ultimately attract abundance in your life. 

When I started, I was one of you– clueless, demotivated, and unhappy. But then the universe has its plan. 

In 2019, at 38, I took a bold step to rebrand my identity and understand my life’s purpose. That was the best day of my life because I promised myself that if I were taught how to be abundant, I would lead others to do the same.

Million Dollar Life School is me keeping my promise.

Programs Offered in Million Dollar Life School

30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club

Start Discovering Your Inner Potential To Attract &  Create What You Intensely Desire For.

Get out of your comfort zone, reach beyond your limitations and extend your achievement threshold without any more physical or mental stress and struggles. 

This 30-day law of attraction and manifestation program will help you overcome challenges in every area of your life – health, wealth, career, relationship and personal growth. 

Are you ready to take massive action toward your dream life?

21 Days Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp

Bring A Radical Change In Your Money Mindset & Understand The Real Purpose Of Money. 

Are you someone who has a bad relationship with money?

It’s your time to come out of this limiting belief and follow a process for shifting to your peak money energy. 21 Days Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp is the destination to learn how to generate, attract and receive money the way you want it to be.

10-week Million Dollar Coach Training Certification Program 

The Ultimate Roadmap To Becoming, A High-Influence Coach From Scratch

Are you scared, underconfident, directionless, stuck in 9 to 5 rut?

You can change the narrative now and experience a quantum leap in my 10 weeks Million Dollar Coach Training program, where I will help you build the momentum and take the big step to becoming a sought-after coach from ground up just as I did!

In these 10 weeks, you will follow the same roadmap that I followed to know everything related to coaching for me and my clients and create a life. Where I have the freedom to work at any time from any corner of the world. Impacting millions of lives and earn in the noblest way possible without hustling in a with unclarity or selling my soul to get the job done!

9-week Ho’oponopono Quantum Healing Certification Program

Get ready to master the only ‘all-in-one’ healing program you were searching for all this while to heal yourself & the world

Are you tired of practicing affirmations, journaling, visualizations, and other law of attraction techniques but nothing seems to be working for you?

This program is your one-stop solution to get rid of your past traumas, bad memories, negative beliefs, fears, and doubts, and manifest the life you always wanted to live.

Health, wealth, relationship, career, money, business, or any other area – you name it, and you can clean, heal and manifest it using Ho’oponopono. 

I will teach you the basic to advance techniques of HO’OPONOPONO and enable you to discover who you really are. Unlock your full potential, reconnect with your true self and become a certified Ho’oponopono Master and start your own coaching career by healing others.

Learn The Secrets Of Life Success From People Who Got The Key

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Your life is full of choices and as a life coach, I help you find the right one for you.

My mission is to help transform the lives of millions more people to have the life they desire and deserve, and to make this happen; I take care of all aspects.

I understand that it might be a bit scary for you to jump on something you’re totally uncertain of. The terms like mindset, limiting beliefs, abundance, etc. might sound hazy to you, but this is where I help you. 

We live in a world where your actions determine the outcome you’ll face, and our mindset programs these actions. To change the picture of your life, you first have to work on your mindset.

My 5 Days Million Dollar Morning workshop is your gateway to unlock abundance. Experience a shift in your mindset and introduce you to some unopened chapters of your personality. 

It’s Me, Finally!

Experience calmness and a wave of positivity with me – Shilpa Singh


I am Shilpa Singh – A Life & Mindset Coach. 

My mission is to help you discover your life’s purpose so you can do what you’re meant for. 

I have touched the lives of 30000+ men and women by using positive psychology.

But this is not where it all started.

My Flashback Story: An MBA in Marketing, I served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years with an outstanding professional track record. But this did not make me happy from within, and at the age of 38, I took a bold step to rebrand my identity and build a career in the coaching industry. 

After studying the Law of attraction and manifestation, I realised my life’s real purpose is to help others find theirs and then the universe played its role. 

I was attracted to the right kind of opportunities.

Ever since that, I have never looked back. 

Authour of an Amazon Bestseller, “Medi-Sin Children”. Got featured in Hindustan Times, Business World and Business Standard for my contribution to impacting people’s lives. And the most beautiful thing– a community of 30+ beautiful souls who look up to me.

I have made it possible for them.
Next is you…

Coaches Trained

Students Coached

Social Media Followers

Lives Transformed


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