Hi ! I am Shilpa Singh

I help men and women make a fresh start towards the lives they’ve dreamed of .

many people think about where they should be heading but don’t know how to get there,
others aren’t sure of  what they want or where they want to be and feel stuck

What if, instead, you felt excited and recharged about starting each day because you knew what you want from life, you got a clear path and you were living it with joy? how great would that be?

How has your life landed you into a situation to where you are now?

  • Are you realizing any personal or professional growth?
  • Are you sure of your future course of action?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Do you feel you are stuck in a job, a relationship or in health?

How do you get into living a more purposeful and fulfilling life?

Simple, By Finding and getting in touch with your true inner self!

Get clear on who you are and what are your core values

Know what is stopping you from achieving what you want

Putting your thoughts into powerful actions

Consistently take action steps to get you there

Yes! You are capable of achieving all this, it just takes an honest intention, a trustworthy coach to guide you, a foolproof plan and the execution of that plan. One day one step at a time


 Yes, I know it’s hard to do it all by yourself, to make plans, to get overwhelmed by so many options available, to keep focus, and stick to them.

But together, we can address a specific aspect of your life, trigger self-awareness, cut out self-destructive habits get you in action and move you forward in your journey to achieve a greater feeling of success and fulfillment.

Learn more about how I work with clients as a personal transformation Life Coach and when you are ready,

get your Reboot my life session to put your life on track.

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Clients feedback

  • Vicky Patro

    Shilpa has taught me to trust my inner compass.That the answers are within me if I just sit & listen. She will always tell me the truth & what is needed to be heard. Her perspective on things is a blessing. I would recommend her services to anyone who asks me  

    Vicky PatroAudit Manager
  • Shilpa helped me  go deep within me . I had everything but I was still unhappy from my life , I used to always think what people will think about me . though I wanted to be myself but I never was as I paid too much attention on outside forces .following a 10 week coaching system shilpa made me realize  on various levels what my fears were , how i lacked self love and how to deal with it. i am so much more  confident in my overall approach towards all areas of my life. Thank you  Shilpa for giving me new me !    
    Naaznin patelChartered Accountant cum Entrepreneur

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