A new year’s first day is always an exciting occasion.

We have a blank canvas to write our ideas and realise our objectives. We can carry over all our learnings and experiences from this year into the upcoming one.

But it takes some mental effort to make this happen! Positive affirmations might be helpful in this situation.


What Are New Year Affirmations?

The simple yet effective sentences in the positive new year affirmations below may be used as a daily reminder of the reality you desire to create in the upcoming 12 months.

These words assist you in getting back on track with your dreams, so you can thrive in 2023 rather than merely get by.

59 Affirmations for A Fulfilled and Balanced 2023!

  1. The past is gone! The future is here now!
  2. I let go of what no longer serves me.
  3. I embrace my higher self.
  4. I let go of the past and move into a powerful future.
  5. The universe is making all my dreams happen!
  6. This is MY year. I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of!
  7. Wonderful, mind-blowing things keep happening to me!
  8. I am in absolute balance.
  9. Wonder abounds in my life right now!
  10.  I share unconditional love with the world this year.
  11.  I am in alignment with the highest power.
  12.  I am a powerful role model.
  13.  I expect fantastic things to happen to me, and they do!
  14.  My life is limitless. I can achieve, have, and do everything I’ve ever dreamed of.
  15. This is a year of abundance and joy!
  16.  This year brings me a beautiful, rewarding life!
  17.  I radiate power and integrity.
  18.  Others look up to me.
  19.  This year, I release my ego.
  20.  I am happy to welcome wealth, health, and joy back into my life!
  21.  The Universe always has my back.
  22.  I am living the life of my dreams!
  23.  I am empowered and free!
  24.  My past is behind me. I am free to live as I, please!
  25.  Positive change is happening RIGHT NOW!
  26.  Wonderful things are happening this year!
  27.  Life has exploded into abundance!
  28.  I welcome peace, prosperity, and joy into my life this year.
  29.  I have all the inner strength I need.
  30.  I take a step to move forward with my life.
  31.  I invest my time and money in things that align with my highest self and highest values.
  32.  I am grateful and blessed.
  33.  I am connected to everything in life.
  34.  This year, power is rising in me.
  35.  I handle everything with tenacity, grace, and humour!
  36.  The universe opens itself to me this year.
  37.  Peace is in my heart.
  38.  Every situation is easy for me to handle.
  39.  My life is inspiring and radiant! I love my life!
  40.  This year is the BEST year of my life!
  41.  I am welcoming new beginnings without any expectations besides feeling my best through them.
  42.  I am in control of my life.
  43.  Everything is working out for my highest and greatest good.
  44.  I am ready to receive abundance and blessings that are already on the way.
  45.  This year, my greatest intention is to embody all that I believe in from the core of my soul.
  46.  I am worthy of having a beautiful, healthy, and successful year ahead.
  47.  I am welcoming this year of transformation and I have a great year ahead of me.
  48.  I am bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my obstacles.
  49.  I am entering the new year with an open mind and an open heart.
  50.  This year I am living a healthy, mindful, and intentional lifestyle.
  51.  I am walking into new beginnings with confidence and positivity.
  52.  I am healthy and full of energy.
  53.  I declare that this year is already filled with accomplished goals and major breakthroughs.
  54.  I am aligned with my inner being and my purpose.
  55.  I am inspired to take actions that will make myself and my life better.
  56.  I am aligning my priorities with my daily routine to take my life to the next level.
  57.  I enjoy my life and live every moment to the fullest.
  58.  I am thankful for the new opportunities that are coming.
  59.  I am making myself a priority this year.

19 Bonus: Affirmations for Self-love In 2023

  1. I am at home in my body.
  2. All is well in my world. I am calm, happy, and content.
  3. I listen with love to my body’s messages.
  4. I deserve all that is good.
  5. My happy thoughts help create a healthy body.
  6. Everything is working out for my highest good.
  7. I make the decisions for myself.
  8. I am independent and in control of my life.
  9. I am worthy of good experiences.
  10.  I am becoming calm with every breath I take.
  11.  I accept all of myself unconditionally.
  12.  I am capable.
  13.  My life is a blessing.
  14.  I am strong and confident.
  15.  I allow myself to be who I truly am.
  16.  I am feeling light and at ease.
  17.  Everything is under control.
  18.  I am attracting positive healing energy to myself.
  19.  I have all that I need to get through this day.

These uplifting affirmations may be used in various ways, including by repeating them to yourself in the mirror, noting them in a diary, or reciting them aloud as part of a mantra meditation.

Finding what works for you and staying with it are the most crucial things.

Love From Your Coach

Because every person is unique, simply do what works for you.

I really hope this collection of affirmations was helpful to you.

However, not all of the affirmations on this list have to be used. Start by deciding on two or three affirmations that really speak to you. Then choose whether to say them aloud, write them down, or utilise them while meditating.

Always remember to establish your aims, deliberate with your words and actions, and try to think positively daily. Repeat these affirmations daily, hold them close to your heart, and observe how your life has improved this year.

Accept new chances, and with a cheerful outlook, attempt new things. Keep your intentions for a prosperous new year pure, but let go of the details of how and when it will pass.

I send you my best wishes for a prosperous, successful, and healthy new year!

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