If someone asked you what you wanted most, you would say happiness. Not just you, but all of us want to live a happy life. 

When I was younger, travelling on summer vacations, finishing my colouring book, playing till late at night, and finding crayon marks on my fingers were all that made me happy.

As we age, our lives become more complicated, and the true meaning of happiness gets lost in the clutter. Our rational mind immediately begins to look for significance in everything, which prevents us from seeing how anything and everything can make us happier.

When was the last time you felt happy? 

The type that comes entirely from the heart?

Our culture teaches people that they are not good enough unless they do something incredibly unusual and original. But we have a warped idea of what counts as unique or distinctive. Why don’t we appreciate entirely those who perform priceless work, like teachers, while praising celebrities?

Our expectations of ourselves and others we care about have gotten out of hand. These expectations are harmful because they keep you from being who you truly are and from discovering how to find happiness for yourself. While having goals and objectives is something that everyone should strive for, it is not a good idea to link our happiness to the plan we have for our lives. 

What’s true is that you have to make your own happiness. Your joy cannot be molded into a cookie-cutter shape. You must create a happy life for yourself; there is no magic button or path you can take.

What Is Happiness?

It is a herculean task to define happiness– difficult and nearly impossible to explain.

But it’s easy to understand why. 

For some people, happiness might mean different things. What makes one individual joyful could not make another person feel the same way. However, we’ll give it a shot.

The emotions of joy, pleasure, and delight, as well as comfort, peace, playfulness, contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction, are all parts of the emotional state of happiness. What makes a person happy determines how they will feel while they are happy.

8 Ways To Live A Happy Life

These are general principles that everyone can use to find happiness. According to you, some might fit your personality while others are discordant or unsuitable. You can select the techniques that you find appealing. One of the most important things to remember is that happiness is not something you receive from others or they can give you. You can cultivate happiness inside of yourself.

Everyone may have different definitions of happiness and ways to achieve it, but the result or experience remains the same.

1. Align Your Values And Goals

Aligning your goals with your beliefs is one of the most common goal-setting blunders people make, and doing so significantly impacts your happiness.

What exactly do you stand for? Your values are the tenets you hold to be significant in how you live and do business. Your goals might not reflect your values if you base them on what you want. It also feels a little “odd” when you aren’t living in accordance with your principles.

I can still picture myself working long hours a few years ago in an MNC. It was genuinely upsetting because my value system emphasised spending time with my family.

This situation of inconsistency tormented my conscience and seriously affected my level of motivation. When your behaviors are directly at odds with your values, that is what happens.

Your beliefs should be the beginning point for your ambitions rather than the other way around. You must first establish your priorities in the job, relationships, and health if you want to create happiness.

2. Listen To Your Heart

Often, you base your decisions on logic and reasoning. Although these will help you achieve your objectives, they cannot ensure your happiness. Conversely, your heart is guided by what you find appealing and joyful.

The emotional consequence of your acts and thoughts will be revealed to you through your heart. The wisest path of action will also give you the highest chance of happiness, so learn to align your heart and mind

3. Love Yourself

Being unselfish and showing unwavering love to others is a virtue. Go ahead and carry it out. The only person who should be at the top of your priority list is you. You won’t hold the top positions in any other.

Accept yourself as you are. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from doing something. No matter what happens, remind yourself that you owe it to yourself to do this.

4. Reward Yourself

Jack is bored when he only works and never plays. This adage may have been spoken to you. This can be given a small twist. You become unhappy if all your efforts go unrewarded.

Achieving goals and succeeding requires hard work and sustained concentration. What good is success if you don’t have the time or desire to enjoy things? Happiness depends on making time for oneself.

5. Do What You Enjoy And What You Love

This Is an obvious choice. The majority of us are aware that doing something we enjoy in life makes us happy. But knowing this is not enough; you must also put it into practice.

You frequently overlook the smaller pleasures in life in the chase of greater goods and loftier objectives. You disregard this obvious reality in favour of riches and accomplishments, both worldly and non-materialistic. You don’t realise how little joy can pile up. Here, happiness is a victim.

6. Make Changes For You, Not For Other People

You could have discovered the behaviours causing you problems and desired to alter them. If you are changing for yourself, the change will be more straightforward, effective, and durable.

It is highly likely that your attempt to change, even if you don’t believe in it or want it, will fail, and you will feel unhappy for giving in to pressure and your desires rather than standing your ground. Do whatever you do for yourself.

7. Recognise That You Can Always Do Better

When anything goes wrong, especially if it is a highly anticipated event, you may feel as though the world is ending or, at the very least, that the journey is ending. As long as you are still alive to fight another war, there is, in fact, hope.

Living is a process of continuous improvement. There is still hope for you as long as there is room for improvement. The happier you would be, the sooner you accepted this truth.

8. Give Yourself Time

If you don’t know yourself well, you can’t make your happiness. You require routine “me time.” Regular yoga classes, a night in with your favourite movie, or a warm bath once a week will help you stay in touch with your needs and provide you with the energy you require to give others.

How Is It Possible To Be Happy When You Have Negative Beliefs?

It is crucial first to comprehend what these negative emotions do to us. Being unpleasant, sad, or depressed wastes valuable time and makes things worse and more difficult to get out of. Negative thoughts and feelings can even do serious harm.

But there’s a ‘life hack.’

This implies that all it takes to make anything real is behaving or imagining it to be true in the present. That explains why visualization is a helpful tool in my 30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club.

Love From Your Coach

Happiness can enter our lives when we let go and follow our passion. We understand that life is happening to us, but it’s also occurring to us. Most people believe that happiness is a temporary emotion that fluctuates in accordance with one’s mood. This has some basis in reality. Your happiness is a mood if you treat it as one. It won’t change.

You can make it your goal on its own, as opposed to a byproduct of obtaining other things like money, material belongings, attractiveness, desired employment, or a committed relationship. 

Although there is nothing wrong with being pleased with your accomplishments, it is not a good idea to rely solely on success to make you happy.

Create the happiness you want!

Happiness may be found in small things around us if we look for it.

So if you’re still wondering if happiness can be created, the answer is “yes”!


1. What causes happiness in life?

People frequently believe that having money or living in luxury will make them happier, but a study suggests that adopting healthy lifestyle habits may be the real secret. Simple activities like practicing appreciation or spending time with loved ones might help people have a more positive attitude toward life.

2. Why does happiness matter so much?

To begin with, happiness encourages leading a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it might strengthen your immune system, protect your heart, lessen discomfort, and combat stress. Additionally, it might potentially lengthen your life expectancy.

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