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Welcome to the blog series dedicated to sharing the inspiring MDC testimonials of individuals who have embarked on the Million Dollar Coach (MDC) journey. In this digital age, where the life coaching industry is thriving, it’s essential to hear real stories of transformation and success from those who have experienced the power of the MDC program firsthand. 

These MDC testimonials testify to the program’s effectiveness, the life coaches’ dedication, and the incredible potential for personal and professional growth within each individual. 

Join me as we explore the transformative journeys, triumphs, and lessons learned from those who have witnessed their lives flourish beyond their wildest dreams.

Today we’ll hear the story of an individual who always feared long-term commitments until she joined MDC. Let’s meet our Life Coach– Mamta!

Mamta– From A Stressful Corporate Worker To An Independent Life Coach

Have you ever desired something so much that you were willing to give up anything? 

If this question resonates with you, get ready for a truly inspiring story. 

Meet Mamta, an incredible life coach who embarked on a remarkable journey. She was determined to enroll in the prestigious 10-week Million Dollar Coach Training program, even if it meant selling her mother’s precious earrings to cover the course fees. Little did she know this decision would change her life in ways she never imagined. 

Till now, she has onboarded 15+ paid clients and has been able to achieve over 2 Lakhs in 2 months by following the Million Dollar Coach training program.

But there’s more to her story (than just earning money) that will inspire you!

The Transformative Awakening:

Mamta found herself in a stressful phase of life after spending 11 years in a corporate job. Stress, office politics, and various challenges affected her well-being. Her health started to deteriorate, and everything seemed chaotic. 

One day, she came across my 5-Day Million Dollar Morning Routine advertisement. Intrigued, she joined the program and felt an instant connection when she heard me address, “Your purpose in life is to give. We are all part of nature and must give back to it.” 

This realization sparked something within her, giving her a renewed sense of purpose.

The Turning Point:

Inspired by the initial program, Mamta eagerly joined the Rise N Shine Manifestation Club, which became a pivotal moment in her life. 

In just 30 days, she experienced the transformative power of self-improvement. This realization filled her with confidence that if she could change herself, she could also positively impact others facing similar challenges. 

This belief set the stage for her ultimate goal—the Million Dollar Coach Training program.

Overcoming Financial Challenges:

While Mamta was eager to join the Million Dollar Coach Training program, the fees posed a significant financial hurdle. 

Undeterred, she made a heartfelt plea to the Universe for a solution. 

She was even willing to sell her mother’s precious earrings to fund her enrollment in the program. 

“After completing Rns, I decided to join MDC, but the program was a huge investment for me at that time. 

That day, I asked the Universe to either give me the money so that I could enroll in the program or I’ll sell my earring, which my mother gave me, to do MDC. 

But then, the Universe heard, and just one day before the program, I got 2x the amount of MDC fees. Ever since that, the Universe has always placed me in receiving mode.”

From that moment on, Mamta’s journey was marked by a steady flow of abundance and blessings from the Universe.

The Joys of Coaching:

As Mamta embarked on her coaching journey, she discovered the immense joy of connecting with people and positively impacting their lives. Witnessing the transformative journey of her clients became the most beautiful aspect of her coaching career.

The Power of the Million Dollar Coach Training Program:

Over the course of ten weeks, Mamta’s participation in the Million Dollar Coach Training program brought about profound changes in every aspect of her life. The program proved to be a transformative experience, enabling her to achieve personal growth that typically takes years. 

“10 weeks of MDC helped me in leaps and bounds. I feel like what I learned and experienced in these 2-3 months; I wouldn’t have experienced even in 4-5 years. That is how powerful and impactful MDC was for me.

I have seen, and even people around me see, drastic changes in me physically, personally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’m more at peace now.”

Some wins that she celebrates the most:

  • Lost 14 kgs in 3 months
  • Found herself and learned how to love herself
  • She came out of all the limiting beliefs which were holding her back for years
  • Finally, she dropped the baggage of stress and rewired her thought process.

Balancing Work, Life, Family & Purpose:

Despite the challenges of balancing a 9-to-5 job, a family, and a child, Mamta remained committed to the Million Dollar Coach Training program. 

“Before the beginning of the sessions, you (Shilpa) used to tell us these words, 

Like you nurture a baby like it’s your own, you must nurture and complete all the assignments like this.”


These words of yours kept me motivated throughout.

I gave my heart and soul to this program.


I used to wake up at 3:30, complete all my assignments, practice meditation, manage the house chores, and then leave for work. 


The more I dwelled deeply, the more empowering and fulfilling it became.”

Mamta’s Advice for the Uncertain

To those who are still confused about enrolling in the Million Dollar Coach Training program, Mamta offers valuable advice. 

Drawing from her own experience, she says that devoting just three hours a day to personal growth and success is enough. 

“The desire that is in you is also seeking you!

Trust me. Your investment is nothing compared to the value you receive from this program.”

Watch her tell her story herself:

Love From Your Coach

Embarking on a 10-week journey of commitment can genuinely turn your life around. 

Mamta’s inspiring journey from sacrifice to success stands as a testament to the power of unwavering dedication and belief in one’s potential. By investing in herself and embracing the Million Dollar Coach Training program, she achieved financial milestones and experienced profound personal growth and fulfillment. 

Mamta’s story reminds us to reflect on our choices and consider whether we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to pursue our dreams. 

Remember, it is through such choices that we pave the path to a life of abundance and purpose.

She made the right one at the right time.

Would you?

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