The word “manifestation” is in trend now. There are several steps involved in creating the life you want, including journaling, creating vision boards, and meditating. Still, the most crucial one is having a positive mindset and keeping negative thoughts away.

You may not be aware of it, but you have a choice in everything you do (or don’t do) to improve your life, relationships, fitness, and health. Your attitude has the power to change your life.

The more I’ve studied mindset, the more I’ve realized that specific patterns and/or thoughts prevent us from making adjustments. For example, I can’t, or what if I fail? Unfortunately, these are thoughts that you might always have in your head.

This is because you frequently succumb to worry, uncertainty, overwhelm, and concern when you get negative thoughts.


Read this one carefully. 

Everything starts with your mindset, and it is crucial to work on it to improve your life. This power can help stop negative thoughts from entering your mind, and understand that if you have good thoughts, you have bad ones too. So, think optimistically and make wonderful changes in your life.

Our attitude can significantly impact how we view the outside world and ourselves. We cannot manifest our ideal life or a fulfilling relationship if we spend our days in a negative mindset. Focusing on ourselves and attempting to develop a happy and healthy mindset will only help us manifest even bigger things in our lives.

But how to stay away from negative thoughts that engulf you in challenging or anxious situations? 

First of all, you must understand that negative thoughts are a part of life, possessing a healthy mindset means accepting the thoughts and then working on them. Every human has a different way of dealing with situations in their life. However, if you take care and work on some basic tricks, you will see a drastic shift in your mindset.

Below Are The Five Techniques That I Practice To Keep Negative Thoughts Away

Developing a healthy attitude may seem complicated, but there are simple actions you can take to keep negative thoughts away. You\’ve already made progress just by reading this article, so congratulations. 

Next, let’s dive into some methods to start if you want to develop a healthy mindset.

1. Recite Affirmations Religiously

I personally love affirmations. I enjoy finding them when scrolling Instagram, reading them in books, and jotting down the ones that speak to me (something I also highly suggest doing). You can use the affirmations to change negative thought patterns while meditating, but they can also be spoken aloud to yourself daily because when you repeatedly say the affirmation, you are telling your brain to believe it.

The “I Am” affirmations, such as “I am enough,” “I am capable,” “I am strong,” and “I am loved,” are some of the simpler ones. You can also work on more specific affirmations. My favorites are “I surrender to the flow” and “I’m thankful for the things in my life.”


A powerful technique to communicate your objectives to the universe (and to yourself) is to use an affirmation to help you express what you want to create in clear language.

2. Pay Attention To What You Say To Yourself

We speak to ourselves in a way we would never speak to anyone else. We call it a monologue; most of the time, we are pessimistic and unpleasant. Learn to be patient, kind, and respectful toward yourself, just like you would with anyone else. Keep in mind that someone is listening. 

Remember that positive self-talk leads to positive thoughts and behaviors; negative self-talk leads to destructive thoughts and behaviors—and, most likely, negative outcomes. 

Remind yourself that you are listening to yourself and that the repercussions are just as real as if you were talking to someone else. Negative self-talk can even make you feel less confident.

3. Stop Being Too Harsh On Yourself

Harsh and unforgiving self-judgment is a significant contributor to a negative mindset. Our judgment can occasionally be clouded, and our thoughts can occasionally turn negative. Asking others how they perceive you and paying attention to their responses are the most significant ways to control self-critical thoughts if you tend to do so. 

You may be shocked! Another strategy is to examine how you\’d view someone with similar talent, aptitude, and accomplishments. Recognize your flaws. The sooner you realize that no one is flawless, the better off you will be. 

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. If you focus on your flaws rather than your strengths, you’ll live your entire life believing that you’ll never be good enough. However, your thoughts will be progressive and motivated if you devote your time to what you are good at.

4. Adopt A Mindset Of Abundance

The primary problem with a scarcity mindset is fear. Thus to have an abundant mindset, you must address and overcome your anxieties. The worry of not finding a loving partner, the fear of not having enough money, and the fear of not succeeding in a profession are some of the top anxieties I hear people discuss. 

We all experience a variety of other fears throughout our lives, so whatever it is that is preventing you from having an abundant attitude, remember that it is possible to alter it.


Practicing gratitude is one way to develop an attitude of abundance and stop negative thoughts from entering your mind.

Next, writing down all the various pleasant and loving relationships you currently have in your life will help you get perspective.

Being grateful for all you now have makes it simpler for you to be open to whatever next step you take in your life.

5. Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to another person can only make you feel empty and lost, whether it be the Instagram influencers you follow or your buddy who always seems to be having the time of their life. 

You are an individual with a journey that is only yours. 

At certain points in your life, you will experience highs and lows, and seeking happiness elsewhere is never the solution to your problems. Therefore, going inward is the simplest method to end the comparison game. 

Make a list of the aspects of these people\’s lives that you find admirable. Then, review that list again to determine which items fit your needs. That list contains some items that won\’t. Finally, consider what immediate actions you can do in your life to bring these things about after you have your final list. 

Never compare yourself to friends or strangers in the past. It\’s unlikely that what worked for them will also work for you. Instead, select those pursuits you are confident will truly fulfill you, and then begin by moving one step in that direction. It will help you get away from comparison and find your true self.

Love From Your Coach


Look at life with a fresh perspective. Something might have happened to you in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s still true today. 

You are better equipped and more qualified to do what you need right now. Any ideas and preconceptions you had about yourself are no longer valid. Letting go of your past is an important step toward reprogramming your mindset for the future that’s waiting for you.

Simply said, dwelling on the past and mistreating yourself are the only two things that can keep you from possessing a healthy mindset. So avoid engaging in either of these; instead, try to embrace your negative thoughts, understand that they are normal, work on them and focus on the future.

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Bonus Tip: Look forward to growing

Becoming too comfortable in your current state may also hamper how your subconscious mind works and thinks. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and the one who is constantly learning is the one who is living.


Leave the fixed mindset and work on creating a growth mindset. Think about ways you can learn, explore and try new things – or improvise the things you already know – or even better, UNLEARN the things that no longer make sense to you. You’ll definitely use a new language for self-talk after doing this.


1. Can affirmations improve mental health?

Positive affirmations are a self-help strategy that puts that saying into practice. You may overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, and fear by using these sayings every day. Daily affirmations can give you confidence in yourself and your abilities to face the world with optimism.

2. 5 affirmations for a healthy mind.
  • I am mentally well and stable.
  • I am in the process of healing my mental health for good.
  • I am choosing to focus on mental wellness.
  • My diagnosis was the starting point to building a better life.
  • I replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
3. Do affirmations work for anxiety?

Affirmations can increase self-worth by elevating your belief in your abilities and positive self-perception. They can also assist in reducing the anxiety-related sensations of panic, worry, and self-doubt.

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