Are you someone who love money but feels ashamed to admit it? Do you find yourself hesitating to make decisions that could lead to financial abundance out of fear of judgment from others? If so, you are not alone. 

Many of us have grown up being told that it is wrong to desire money and that we should be grateful for what we have. This can create an inner conflict when we want more, especially when society views our desire for financial abundance as greedy or selfish.

Love Money

As a life coach, asking for money in exchange for your services can be difficult. You may feel like you are not worth being paid for your expertise or worry that your clients will judge you for charging a high fee. However, it’s important to remember that you’re providing a valuable service that can significantly impact people’s lives. You deserve to be compensated for your time and effort.

But the truth is, loving money is not a bad thing. Money is a tool that allows us to live the lives we want, pursue our dreams, and make a difference in the world. And when we learn how to love money without fear, we can unlock the power of choice and create the life we truly desire.

Why Do Some Coaches Fail To Make More Money?

  1. One of the most common is the fear of judgment for the love of money. Some coaches fear being judged by their clients or peers for charging too much or for charging at all. This fear can hold them back from asking for what they’re worth.
  2. Another reason is a lack of confidence.  This devalues their expertise and makes it harder for them to make a living.

    So how do you overcome the fear of judgment and learn to love money without fear? It all starts with making a decision. 

    As mentioned in the original prompt, it can be particularly difficult for coaches to ask for money in exchange for their services.

Additionally, many people have been taught to believe it is wrong to desire the love of money, which can create an internal conflict when coaches want to charge for their services. These factors can make it challenging for coaches to ask for the compensation they deserve, limiting their ability to make a living and grow their business. 

However, coaches need to recognize the value of their services and develop a healthy relationship with money to overcome these obstacles and achieve financial abundance.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Recognize that wanting money is a perfect desire

There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. It is a natural human desire that can be used for good. When you have financial abundance, you can care for your loved ones. Support causes you to believe in and invest in your personal and professional growth. So instead of feeling guilty about wanting more money, embrace it as a perfect desire that can lead to positive outcomes.

2. Understand the value of money

Money is simply a measure of the value you provide to others. When you offer a service or product that solves a problem or meets a need, you can charge a fee that reflects the value you provide. So instead of seeing money as something to be ashamed of, see it as a reflection of the value you offer to your clients.

3. Learn from your experiences with money

Money can teach you valuable lessons about yourselves and your relationship with abundance. If you have had negative experiences with money, take some time to reflect on what you can learn from those experiences. You may have learned that you need to set clear boundaries around your finances or that you need to be more proactive about managing your money. Whatever the lesson, use it as an opportunity to grow and improve your relationship with money. 

This answers your question, “How to overcome the fear of losing money.”

4. Get out of your way

Sometimes, we are our worst enemies when making money. We may hesitate to take action, worry about what others will think, or be afraid of failure. But high performers know that the path to success is rarely easy. They are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. So if you want to make more money, be willing to get out of your way and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals, and it’s the power of choice.

5. Focus on creating value for your clients.

The key to making money as a coach or entrepreneur is to create value for your clients. Focus on providing the best possible service or product, and the money will follow. When you are confident in the value you provide, you will be more comfortable asking for what you are worth.

Love From Your Coach

Money is a tool that can help us achieve our dreams, support our loved ones, and positively impact the world. However, many of us have been conditioned to feel ashamed of our desire for financial abundance, which can create an inner conflict when we want more. As a coach, asking for money in exchange for your services can be particularly challenging. Fear of judgment and a lack of confidence are common obstacles preventing coaches from making more money.

To overcome these obstacles, it’s important to recognise that wanting more money is a natural human desire and that nothing is wrong with it. You should also understand the value of money, learn from your experiences, and focus on creating value for your clients. Developing a healthy relationship with money involves practising gratitude, setting clear financial goals, and surrounding ourselves with positive influences.

While financial abundance is important, it’s not the sole indicator of success and happiness. Other factors, such as relationships, health, and personal growth, should not be neglected. As a coach, you should recognise the value you provide to your clients and charge a fee that reflects that value. Setting clear boundaries around your finances and developing a plan for financial stability can also help alleviate fear and uncertainty.

Learning to love money without fear is about shifting our mindset and developing a healthy relationship with abundance. When you do so, you can unlock the power of choice and create the life you desire.


1. Why do people feel ashamed or guilty about loving money?

People often feel ashamed or guilty about loving money because they associate it with greed, selfishness, or materialism. Society often teaches us that money is the root of all evil, and those prioritising money over other values are shallow or unethical. However, it’s possible to appreciate and use money without compromising your morals or becoming obsessed with it.

2. How can I overcome my fear of judgment for loving money?

The first step is understanding that everyone has a relationship with money, and there’s no right or wrong way to feel about it. You can love money and still be a kind, generous, and compassionate person. Developing a healthy mindset towards money is essential, such as viewing it as a tool for achieving your goals and helping others. Surrounding yourself with supportive and like-minded people can also help you feel more confident in your beliefs.

3. How can I use my love for money in a positive way?

Loving money doesn’t have to be negative or self-centred. You can use your financial resources to support causes or charities that align with your values, invest in your education or career development, or create a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones. It’s essential to approach money with intention and purpose and use it as a means to improve your life and the lives of others.

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