All of us, be it living or non-living beings, are governed by energies. Everything you see, touch or smell possesses energy. Even universal laws like the law of attraction or the law of assumptions state that positive energy brings positive results into a person’s life, while negative energy brings negative outcomes. Energy healing is based on the belief that thoughts are a form of energy and that positive energy attracts success in all areas of life, including health, finances, and relationships.

Why Channelising Energy Is Important In Your Manifestation Process

Bringing something into your life through your energy acts is the essence of manifestation. It’s important for you to analyse and understand the energy surrounding you. I’m not saying you’ll always feel high energy; that’s impossible being humans. But staying in the low vibrations for a long time won’t help you either.

If the energy inside you is low, it might affect your well-being. Healing is healing your energy by getting hold of your thoughts, and working on your beliefs and chakras. Additionally, the core principle of energy healing is to connect to the universal life force energy and use that frequency for your highest benefit or the highest good of others. Both techniques are energetic. Therefore they work well together for both setting goals and achieving those intentions.

You are putting something in your heart into existence when you intend to manifest it. However, manifestation is more than merely hoping or forcing something to happen. Your energy plays a role in connecting your decisions, deeds, and focus with the desired outcomes.

We can all access energy, whether or not we are attuned to the practice. We are energetic creatures able to connect and disengage from our unique frequencies, which is why this is the case. We may establish connections with our desires, nature, other living things, and other people. And by establishing a connection with those aspirations, we create an energy intention that has the power to manifest.

Below we’ll discuss the types of energy healing and a DIY method to channel your energy effectively.

5 Types Of Energy Healing Methods

1. Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment The Japanese terms “Rei” and “Ki,” which signify “energy” and “God’s knowledge,” respectively, are combined to form the name Reiki. This therapy is given to a patient in addition to conventional medicine to treat a disease. In this treatment, people are helped using energy or “ki.” The universe’s energy is channelled through various hand gestures and symbolic representations to cure the body. Ailments can be treated with reiki, including colds, the flu, headaches and stomachaches. In critical disorders like heart disease, it is also highly beneficial.

2. Pranic Healing

Utilising the body’s life force to heal the body’s energy is the core of pranic healing. This treatment focuses primarily on a person’s aura or bodily energy. This therapy uses energy to remove toxins from the body, hastening physical healing.

3. Crystal Healing

Stones and crystals are employed to remove pollutants from the body throughout this healing process.

Depending on how they interact with the body, these stones and crystals address various physical, mental, and spiritual issues differently. Negative energy is repelled from the body, which impairs physical and mental health.

4. Quantum Healing’

The foundation of quantum healing treatment is the resonance and entertainment concept. Breathing and visualising the flow of energy raise the body’s energy level. Quantum healing has good impacts on the immune system and is not just a spiritual practice.

5. Qigong Healing

To restore the body’s lost equilibrium, qigong treatment is performed. Qigong, which has a 4,000-year history, consists of breathing exercises, meditation, and synchronised body movements to promote health and spirituality. The therapy originates in Chinese medicine and is supposed to balance the body’s positive energy, which is necessary for good health.

The balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit are restored via energy healing, a traditional healing method. Direct interaction between this method and the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of well-being is possible.

Channelise Your Energy With These Energy Healing Exercises & Manifest Your Desires

1. Begin With A Clear Intention

Ask for the things you want to experience. What feelings and energy would you like to bring into your body, mind, and soul? For instance, if you’re phoning about a new employment opportunity, embrace the emotions you’re anticipating from that offer. They might be of freedom, comfort, equilibrium, or empowerment. Develop the confidence to ask for what you require. Setting intentions regularly can help you match your thoughts and deeds with those intentions, giving your aspirations more momentum.

To get started, write in a diary. No matter what arises, give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to write it down on paper. Getting into the zone and writing intuitively in this situation is crucial.

After journaling, go through your entries before closing your eyes and taking a few cleansing breaths. Get clear on your intention by reflecting on what is in your heart and what is written on the page. Take a separate piece of paper or a pen.

When you have it, take a notecard or a different piece of paper, and write down your objective. This should be one or two sentences long, straightforward, and detailed.

2. Avoid All Things That Are Not Completely In Alignment

Recognise the situations in which you accept compromises that don’t reflect your true value. Think about what is most important to you. Start declining possibilities that you would have previously accepted without doubt or fear. Rushing into a partnership or opportunity that “nearly seems right” might have negative consequences.  Try to master the difficult skill of patience and signal to the universe that you are prepared for what is genuinely right for you.

3. Believe In The Process

Give up resisting what is happening and embrace what you are experiencing right now. Have faith that all you require and what is best for you is already on its way to you. You will receive exactly what you requested or what you are in immediate need of. For your evolution, that could entail learning experiences. Consider why what you are feeling and getting may be in your best interests.

4. Live In The Vibration

What you’re looking for already exists within you as energy. Simply pick that frequency more frequently. Make a list of the times and places in your present reality when you already experience the feelings you wish to summon. Lean into these encounters and draw motivation from them while deciding what to do next. Start cultivating unwavering love, openness, and acceptance for yourself and the people in your life if you call in a soul mate. Treat yourself the way you would like your soul mate to treat you. As your energy rises, you will attract people, chances, and blessings that resonate with that frequency.

5. Improve The Gratitude Game

Whether or not our “ultimate aim” has manifested, gratitude lifts our spirits. Spend a few seconds feeling thankful and appreciative of what is going well. What is going well for you right now? Where do flow, synchronicity, and miracles occur in your life? You’ll be more receptive to receiving more if you focus on that area of your life. Thank the universe, your Higher Self, or any other deity who participated in the creation of your manifestation.

It’s more vital to foster positive feelings like clarity, optimism, faith, and thankfulness than to implant positive thoughts. Asking for what we need, asking for higher guidance, leaning into the emotions that make us energy matches for our manifestations, letting go of what no longer serves us, enjoying the benefits, and submitting to our path may all be part of the manifestation process. With the help of this meditation journey, practise building the fundamental emotions for manifestation.

Love From Your Coach

Ask for all you want and desire in a direct, unapologetic manner. You have to put your goals out there for the universe to give you what you desire. Make a list of the feelings you are prepared to control, such as clarity, joy, or confidence. Consider experiencing the feelings you are producing in your mind. Experience what it’s like to have a higher vibration. Forgive yourself when your thoughts wander, then go back to your vision.

Recognise that you’ve changed your energy and permitted yourself to accept the Universe’s assistance you require. Time to give up on the result and let the Universe meet you there. It’s all coming. Reaffirm your faith in the Universe, yourself, love, and the kindness of people.

As you breathe in and are grateful, feel your heart grow. Permit your feelings to flow through you.


1. How can I surround myself with positive vibes?

Below are a few ways by which you can channelise positive energy around you:

  • Gratitude
  • Be in the company of uplifting individuals
  • Deep breathing
  • Give your mind a rest
  • Performing random acts of kindness
  • Unplug from the actual world
2. How do I cultivate an attitude of gratitude?

Here are six methods for cultivating a gratitude mindset:

  • Monitor your success & development
  • Decide to be thankful every day
  • Your day should begin with an appreciation
  • To be grateful, concentrate on the here and now
  • Thank the individuals that matter most in your life
3. How to stay positive in a negative situation?

Be gentle and pay close attention to what you tell yourself. Accept it and go on. Whatever it is that’s upsetting you, accept it, see it for what it is, express the necessary grief, and then let it go or do something to change a bad situation into a good one. Ensure your well-being.

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