Are you trying to save money?

But always experience some “emergency” that requires you to use it. 

Imagine that despite your efforts to save money, your car breaks down. 

Or your pet requires immediate surgery.

The moment your paycheck reaches your bank account, it suddenly vanishes.

Perhaps you’re not MEANT to be wealthy…Or perhaps it’s not your fault, and you have unhealed money wounds.

Benefits of money wound

Like our partners, positive and negative aspects are associated with our habits and beliefs. 

For example, I want to understand my relationship with money, so I can go forward and make wise money decisions. But unfortunately, I quickly saw that I had unhealthy patterns and beliefs about money that prevented me from moving forward. 

These are known as money wounds.

Any behavior or habit you have with money that causes pain could be considered a money wound. For example, overspending, having too much debt, and not checking your bank balance is just some money scars.

How Does Money Wounds Happen?

Your beliefs, thoughts, actions, or emotions related to money can prevent you from obtaining money abundance.

Your thoughts about money affect the way you think and feel about it. Most of your beliefs date back to your early years, most likely from your parents. Their attitudes toward money influenced them, their money management practices, and their perceptions of those with and without wealth.

You are constantly being inundated with stuff you should have but don’t in this day and age of social media sharing. It makes you feel anxious, afraid, envious, and even doubtful as it creates a world of want, or what today’s youth refer to as F.O.M.O., or “fear of missing out.”

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How To Identify Your Money Wounds

Recognizing your money wounds requires self-reflection and a willingness to understand yourself, just like any other area of your life that you would like to address. If you want to examine your money wounds, look at the areas where you are genuinely unhappy. The actions that cause remorse or other unfavorable feelings when you take them.

money wound

Writing in a journal, being truthful with oneself, and having peaceful, compassionate interactions. The first time I ever confronted my excessive spending head-on, it was excruciatingly unpleasant, but on the other hand, that suffering [gave me] a great deal of power.

Check The Way You Speak About Money

Have you ever considered the following?

  • “Everything would be better if I had more money.”
  • “Money is the root cause of every evil.”
  • “Cash doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “Money won’t ever be enough.”
  • “Talking about money is not nice.”

These are the money scripts you speak to yourself, constraining your thoughts and keeping you trapped in poverty. They are viewpoints you have adopted, whether influenced by other people or society or ones you decided to support on your own.

You Can Attract Financial Abundance

When strong feelings are associated with ingrained money views, it might be difficult to shift them. The good news is that you can continue living out your money scripts. However, by changing your feelings about money and abundance, or what he refers to as your “Money EQ,” you may be content with your prosperity and happiness.

1. Recognise Your Current Relationship With Money

Find the source of your money scars and tie it to a particular moment or incident, such as your parents’ divorce or the first time your boss delayed your salary payment. You will be far better able to challenge your money scripts after you identify the primary cause of why you began to believe them.

You’re doing well if you can name happy feelings. Do not worry if you are experiencing unpleasant feelings. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and the chance to put things right with your money.

Opening yourself up to abundance might begin with becoming conscious of your money feelings.

The good news is that this suggests money wounds are treatable. However, we also need to heal our energy as it pertains to money to fully heal trauma connected to our finances and these troublesome brain patterns.

Suppose you believe that money is wrong, for instance. In that case, as a medium of exchange for goods and services, money carries the lovely energies of connection and community rather than the negative energy that many would have you believe. We might alter our relationship with money and mend previous wounds by recalling money’s past development as a trade symbol.

Finding limiting money beliefs and beginning to replace them with less damaging ideologies can be accomplished by working with a money mindset coach.

You need to feel to recover from your money wounds. The first step is to be open and compassionate about the aspects of your finances that don’t make you happy. Afterward, perform subconscious reprogramming and healing. So many money issues are subconscious, mainly if we observe recurring patterns that we find confusing.

2. Decide What You Truly Desire

For many people, the word “wealth” has varied connotations. It may signify a quality education, a prosperous career, status, and a lavish lifestyle for others. Others define it as having a happy family life and rewarding relationships.

What does it mean to you, though?

You may view yourself as wealthy if you have fulfilling work and a life full of loving relationships. But, on the other side, no amount of money will make you happy if you despise your job or believe you are not earning enough.

3. Be At Peace With Your Money

Money is energy, and according to physics, energy flows rather than being generated or destroyed. In our homes, neighborhoods, and social circles, money is currently moving because, if it is energy, it is always in motion.

Additionally, since all money is energy, any money wounds, and harmful money scripts will obstruct your energy flow and devastate your life. So it’s time to let go of any notions no longer helpful to you and establish money harmony.

People no longer ask why having money is necessary since they have been so thoroughly brainwashed with this mindset. They are oblivious that perhaps they want more power, love, respect for themselves, security, or independence.

Here’s a penny for your consideration: Can you picture living on “happy money”?

How Can You Tell Whether Your Money Wounds Has Healed?

The old unconscious behavior could initially cease to feel comforting to you.

When it came to my overspending, I experienced this. Additionally, you might notice that your bank account is increasing, you feel more organised and clear about your finances, and managing your money is truly relaxing and enjoyable. Being kind to yourself and sticking with your journey is crucial.

Our ties with money are frequently quite unconscious and take time to develop. Most of the time, the money stories we hear aren’t even our own! Nevertheless, if there is a money issue you wish to resolve, I promise you that it is possible.

Love From Your Coach

tips for money wound

In order to enhance your connection with money and gain greater financial power, you should work on mending your emotional and financial scars. In my 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp, I focus on healing your emotional and money traumas to effect a change from the inside out. In addition, I also focus on modifying your subconscious money ideas.

In the end, you’ll strengthen your bond with money, gain self-assurance, and experience a significant increase in your sense of money empowerment. 

Here are a few testimonials for you to see how successful my clients have been:


How can I join the 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp?

You can join the 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp, a step-by-step process to transform your money energy & mindset, by clicking on this link:

Who exactly is this program for?

This program is for everyone – employed or not employed, business people or entrepreneurs – everyone who wants to receive and possess more money and create changes in their or their partner’s or dear one’s job or business and ultimately in their life.

What can I expect from this course?

Inspiring & actionable content that will help you unblock your money energy and eliminate your fears and negative thoughts around money. You will find movement toward more money and fulfillment using the tools, meditations, and affirmations you learn here with me.

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