We’re stronger than people thought us to be.

Generations of women are being motivated to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals by a group of Indian female CEOs and MDs. Today’s leading multinational corporations, including Infosys, Sugar, MamaEarth, and Tinder, are led by strong Indian and women of Indian ancestry.

All these women in business have motivated me to become the strong, independent, and successful businesswoman I’m today. But this is not how I started. I was one of you, too, when I first stepped into this world– scared, nervous, and yet, ambitious. 

But then, I decided to leave behind all my fears and step foot confidently in this business world.

And like me, there are many other stories women have around the world. Today, I’ll share and celebrate the women in business and how aspiring women can take care of some pointers while making a successful future.

Women In Business: A Journey

Success in the workplace can be challenging to balance, especially for women. Women may occasionally be discouraged from asserting themselves and moving up in their careers due to constrictive ideas of being “bossy” or “cutthroat.” This becomes a problem, especially if you are new, but you must ignore the noise to advance. 

Many of the difficulties working women encounter are universal. Though frequently self-imposed, some of these career roadblocks do exist. It’s critical to place job obstacles in their proper context and determine if they result from our limiting beliefs or systemic factors. Often, it’s crucial to take care of our affairs before tackling problems outside our control. 

Below are five priceless pieces of career advice you wished you had known in your twenties:

1. Trust Yourself Completely

The first had to be this. Self-confidence is one thing, but ” unconditional ” self-confidence can transform one’s life. Even when we know we are correct, we frequently act unsure at work. And then, there are moments when we have confidence in ourselves and trust ourselves, but there are still a few ifs and buts.

women in business supporting others

You can all identify with this. How often have you done something correctly and then continued to overthink it? That occurs as a result of your lack of complete self-confidence. Because of your restrictions on believing in your ability, you lack confidence.

There shouldn’t be any restrictions on your ability to trust yourself. There are no prerequisites for loving oneself and others, just as there are none for this.

2. Only Accept When You Are Genuinely Interested

The reason we have to include this in our list of work advice will be apparent to people pleasers. You don’t want to do anything, but you decide to say yes because you think it would be rude to say no. Women typically say yes to tasks at work because they believe that saying no will make them appear uninterested or unconfident. So, if you don’t care, let others think as they please. You know what is not suitable for you; follow your judgment. Only accept things that interest you or serve your interests.

3. Only Some Conflicts Are Worthwhile

Sometimes the best course of action is to leave without engaging in altercations. It also provides you with the advantage. You can’t escape or flee from every circumstance, but you should steer clear of those that could have a negative impact on you.

Additionally, be careful not to dwell on the incident or the conflict after you have left.

4. Try Not To Regret Whatever You’ve Done

Most of the time, you follow your gut instinct, but there are other occasions when you decide after carefully weighing your options. There is no need to constantly worry about it or regret what you have done because, in any scenario, your option is based on your experience, mindset, and choice. Unless it negatively impacts someone else, your decision is based on these factors.

You can’t undo what has been done. Therefore there is no point in regretting it; if you can do anything to change it, do it instead of regretting it and go on.

5. Don’t Accept Nonsense Only Because Speaking Up Can Offend Someone

Because speaking up can lead someone to take offense or make you appear terrible, you can’t continue tolerating something wrong. Talk if you’re uneasy. Inform those around you of your discomfort. It is their issue if they offend you for choosing to defend yourself. That speaks a lot about them.

We know how difficult it can be to advocate for oneself, particularly at work, where doing so could make you look bad and cause others to avoid you.

But consider this: Is your comfort more important than their view of you? No! There are no ifs or buts in this situation; the answer is no. You are the most important thing, regardless of who could be offended. Always take the initiative to speak up and declare your boundaries. If they fail to respect that, someone will be held accountable for the consequences.

This is crucial career advice for women because they frequently ignore it in the corporate setting.

And why are you even working there if the management doesn’t agree with your position? Working with or for someone who doesn’t even respect your choice is not something you should do.

Unique Qualities That  May Give Women An Edge In Business

1. Work-Life Balance Is Important To Women

Many female executives successfully juggle their personal and professional life. Therefore, they urge their staff to multitask and choose priorities because they can do so.

2. Women Are Compassionate

Leaders may create and maintain relationships with their teams by demonstrating empathy. It also assists female executives in understanding what their staff members require to increase productivity and feel valued.

3. Women Can Communicate Well

Strong interpersonal relationships produce productive teams and projects. Setting expectations and boundaries requires effective communication. Effective and self-assured female leaders may guide their teams to success.

4. Women Are Adept At Handling Crises

Flexibility and critical thinking are necessary for organisational transformations. Employees look to their leaders for direction and clarity. The way a leader handles crises can have an impact on the atmosphere at work.

Love Form Your Coach

Honestly, women nowadays prefer working for themselves instead of someone else.

Recognize your contribution to your successes and accept compliments graciously. Remind yourself that you succeeded because you went above and above, had faith in what you were doing, and tried something no one else had.

Women bosses also get to transform the corporate world for themselves and other women. It’s time to launch your own business if you’re one of those ladies who want to alter how women currently work.

Still, trying to figure out how? I have everything planned out for you, so don’t worry. By enrolling in my Million Dollar Coach training program, you may learn everything you need to know about starting and expanding your own business.


Why is life coaching necessary for women?

A life coach can boost a woman’s confidence by helping her create objectives and inspiring her to reach them. With each new and challenging task you complete, your confidence grows. By stepping beyond your comfort zone, you gain courage and confidence.

How do I start a life coaching business?

It will be easier for you to start a life coaching business by learning from someone who’s already an expert in the field. You can leverage all this in my Million Dollar Coach Training Program, where I teach you from my experience. 

How can I tell if I should seek a life coach?

The first indication that you ought to work as a life coach is when you are genuinely passionate about personal growth. The best life coaches are incredibly passionate about growing as individuals and want to use their passion to help others do the same.

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