What do life coaches do?

It’s a straightforward yet crucial question.

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? 

Let me know if you can relate to this:

You appear to be sought out for guidance by your pals.

You enjoy assisting others in resolving their “problems.”

You listen to your loved ones for hours on end so that you can support them.

You are incredibly adaptable and can “morph” into whoever the other person needs you to be at any given time.

If you nodded in agreement as you read, you might be qualified to work as a life coach. 

And you need to read this post until the end. 

You may consider pursuing a career as a life coach if you are passionate about personal growth and love to assist others.

The career of life coaching is becoming more and more well-liked. A life coach uses their emotional intelligence, expertise, and experience to assist clients in various areas of their lives.

The global market for life coaching is worth about $2.85 billion, and there were 33% more life coaches in 2015–2019.

This is a highly lucrative business that can be launched for almost nothing. After you have a clientele, you can start instructing part-time in your spare time.

“Do what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life,” seems an old proverb. But sometimes, it is simpler to say than do. 

Here are examples of my clients who made it possible and attracted abundance by following their passion and choosing the proper path in life.

Journey Of Successful MDC Life Coaches To Inspire You

1. Sushmita Das Gupta- Tripled her income in just 3 months.

10 years of corporate career wasn’t what her soul wanted. She thrived, hustled and fought hard to find her soul purpose, which she finally did by joining the Million Dollar Coach training program.

Meet Sushmita Das Gupta.

Here’s a glimpse of her story,

“After giving my best in my corporate career for 10 years, one day, a question knocked on my door, ‘What are you doing with your life? Is this your only purpose?’

This question changed my life 360 degrees. 

After joining the 5 days Million Dollar Morning routine, I realised that I always wanted a flexible life that was free of barriers stopping me. I wanted to be the shade of gratitude and be able to impact more lives.

From 5 days program to 10 weeks Million Dollar Coach training program, my journey is like a fairytale..”

She adds that through the Million Dollar Coach training program, she realised, “I am living a limited life”. This feeling and her intuition made her come out of her mental blocks, especially since a corporate job is the only place to give you happiness.

She proved it wrong! The day she decided to change her life from being a 9-to-5 goer to a full-time coach even after being promoted as Vice President in the company.

And it was all worth it. Today she is earning 3X her annual corporate income, and above all, she is happy to be able to help 1000s of people. 

Sushmita says, “MDC gave me clarity– the most important thing missing in my life. MDC gave me the freedom to be my own boss.”

Currently, Sushmita and I are doing the Million Dollar Morning Achievers program together to impact more lives daily!

Her views on The Million Dollar Coach Training Program:

“MDC is the only place to start your journey as a coach, looking for support, a community of like-minded people. Everyone is trying to help each other without jealousy and competition. It’s all about energy. We are motivated by seeing each other.”

Want to see how well she’s doing?

Follow her on Instagram, www.instagram.com/lifecoach_sush.

To watch the full video: 

She tripled her income in just 3 months of becoming a life coach after quitting her 9-5 job

2. Poonam Sharma- From being a homemaker in the USA to earn a 5 figure income after becoming a coach

A housemaker in the USA, away from her old corporate life, found her life’s bigger purpose, fought her limiting belief about fitness goals, and today became an ideal for all the homemakers out there. 

Poonam is one of us who always wants to do better for others and forgets us in this journey. But the universe guided her, and she knew this time it had to be “ME”. she took the bold step of investing in herself and getting out of her trapped zone.

Meet Poonam Sharma.

Here’s a glimpse of her story,

“When I moved to the USA, I was alone at home. It was a new country for me, and I started to lose motivation with every passing of time. Eventually, my mind entered a phase where I thought this was my only life. 

But then, like we say, the universe had a plan. My sister one day told me about Shilpa ma’am and how she’s starting a coach training program. Initially, I was very nervous about making such a massive investment in myself, but my heart and mind were ready for this. 

Honestly, it’s the best decision of my life! MDC gave me the freedom to impact people’s lives and make space for my dreams of living a luxurious life.”

Until Nov 2022, she impacted more than 700 lives and onboarded 7 clients for 1:1 sessions. From being a homemaker dependent on her husband for the course fee to earning 5 figure income, her journey is a solid proof of will, determination and faith in the universe.

Her star programs include the: Healing Course & Being Grateful Course.

Today her mission is to help people worldwide come out of their limiting beliefs.

During her pregnancy, she decided to eliminate her limiting beliefs around fitness. She manifested to complete 100 hikes, and you know what.

She did it! Yes, even when a woman’s body is completely changing, and it’s nearly impossible to even work for hours, she managed to hike daily and broke out of her limiting belief. 

Most of her affirmations have become a reality today, and there are many more to go.

Her advice for the people, 

  • Stop giving importance to people who only spread negativity. 
  • Remember, light comes in only when darkness goes out.
  • Invest in yourself
  • Dream big

She is an inspiration, a fighter and an action-taker for sure!

Her views on The Million Dollar Coach Training Program:

“Investing in yourself is the best realisation one should make. MDC never focused on removing the darkness in my life but rather bought in the Light. Shilpa ma’am and my community members are very supportive and the energy in the group is completely incredible.”

Watch the full video: From Homemaker in the USA to earn a 5-figure income as million dollar coach!

3. Amrita Kunal- From Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 11 lakhs in 6 months

We live in a society which throws their advice on every matter unasked. When a woman gets married, they say, “Drop the job, you won’t be able to manage”. When a woman becomes a mother, they say, “Enough of this job thing, now you should focus on their upbringing, schooling and other things”.

Yet, some women emerge as warriors determined to do what they want without compromising their duties as a mother, wife or daughter.

Meet Amrita Kunal, a warrior lady.

Here’s a glimpse of her story,

“I have always been into a working woman. I started my journey working with corporate companies, but it wasn’t working for me. The freedom to do things my way made me quit the arena. 

Next, I was managing my family business with my father, and after marriage, I was helping my husband too. My finances were perfect, so money was never a problem. Yet, the feeling of happiness was missing. 

That’s when the universe guided me towards Shilpa ma’am. She is the light I was searching for. Without wasting time, I joined her 5 Days program and then the 10 weeks-Million Dollar Coach training program. These 10 weeks were life-changing for me. 

It was nothing as I thought. Shilpa doesn’t teach you how to build landing pages, market your service, manage social media, etc. Rather her only focus is on self-discovery, working on limiting beliefs and becoming the person one wants to be. 

I am forever grateful to the universe and Shilpa ma’am, for handholding me.”

Today a list of accomplishments is related to Amrita’s name. She’s a life coach, healer and reiki coach for her clients. In just 6 months, she made 7 figure income as a fixed monthly earning.

She always believed that everything that happened to her in life was/is a blessing in disguise.

The Million Dollar Coach program helped her realise that she wants more from her life and, finally, found her peace by helping people transform and make them feel better about themself.

She adds to the conversation, 

“Money gives you happiness for 5 minutes but seeing gratitude messages from people when you wake up is the best earning. It makes you feel complete as a person.

Remember, we are all born incredibly.

But everyone needs a person who can make you realise how powerful you’re. 

Always be in a gratitude phase for that person and hold onto them. You are worthy of everything!”

All her clients are organic, which became possible because of her never-give-up attitude.

She always knew that taking action was a must, and that’s what she abided by.

Her views on The Million Dollar Coach Training Program:

“Million Dollar Coach training program is not an ordinary program. When I first joined the program, I was shocked to see what was happening here because I had a preconceived notion that there will be guidance about landing pages and marketing. But it’s nothing like that, rather is a complete journey of self discovery. I am forever grateful to Shilpa ma’am for being with me always and motivating me to become the best version of myself.”

Want to see how well she’s doing?

Follow her on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/align_withabundance/.

To watch the full video: 

7 figure income months in just 6 months of living her life purpose as a Life Coach!

These are just a few stories that touched my heart, and I hope they touched yours too.

You Become Your Boss When You Become A Life Coach

You can go from being an employee to being your boss by changing your career to life coaching. If you had the freedom to choose your schedule?

Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones and friends? 

Do you adore travelling? 

It is possible to start your own business by becoming a life coach. 

You start promoting yourself and telling your clients about your talents and interests. You can even work from the convenience of your own computer and create your own schedule. Online collaboration tools are fantastic for working remotely with customers. You no longer ‘have’ to live within the parameters of the traditional model as you strive to create a model that suits your lifestyle.

Love From Your Coach

Do it!

Follow your passion as soon as possible. “Time is the only thing you can’t get back,” you stated, and it truly stuck. You can always increase your income.

One of the most fulfilling careers one can pursue is that of a life coach. You will experience a permanent transformation in your life. If you have the confidence and willingness to take this step, you can help people around the world go through the ups and downs. 

Trust me, when you see your inbox full of gratitude messages, you’ll always be thankful to the universe for making you a life coach.

You can have a massive impact on people’s lives and change them.

As Mahatma Gandhi says, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” How will becoming a life coach represent this change for you?

If you’re ready to write your chapter on becoming a life coach, join the Million Dollar Coach training program.

Some more success stories for you.


1. Will this be an online or in-person program?

This will be purely online based. I will conduct sessions once every week for 1.5 hours, 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM – Every Wednesday for 10 weeks.

2. Is this program about coaching others or developing own mindset?

Both. You must coach yourself first and develop into your best coach before you can coach others. And within the 10-week Million Dollar Coach Training Program, that’s precisely what you’ll do. You’ll release your limiting beliefs, heal your traumas, develop a fresh outlook, and energetically change your thinking. You’ll elevate your vibration and evolve into your most spiritual self, ready to lead others down the same path.

3. Is it possible for me to learn and change lives as a mother of two children?

I was a mother of two when I set off on my quest. And compared to where I started, I’ve come a long way. What’s best? Since I was away from my children for 13 to 14 years, I can now spend as much time as I want with them.

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