The journey of coaching clients that starts with your own life experiences can be exciting and challenging. As much as it can be rewarding, it can also bring hurdles and obstacles that require careful navigation. 

Throughout my journey as a life coach, I’ve had the privilege of launching and growing my business to achieve an 8-figure income. However, this feat came with challenges, failures, successes, and complex life lessons to learn. 

When I launched my eight-figure income business, I discovered many things I didn’t know and that some of my preconceived notions were incorrect. 

In this blog, I will share the top five hard lessons I learned during my eight-figure income launch. 

These lessons have been instrumental in my journey, and I hope they will inspire and guide you on your journey to success. Let’s start with lesson 1.

5 Hard Lessons My 1 Cr+ Launch Taught Me

Lesson 1: Never Underestimate The Power Of Pre-Selling

One of the biggest mistakes new coaches often make is underestimating the importance of pre-selling. This is one of the best 8 figure income lessons she learned during her journey. Pre-selling refers to the process of generating interest in your product or service before the actual launch. It involves educating your target audience about your product or service, building anticipation, and creating a sense of excitement.

life experiences

By pre-selling your product, you can generate buzz around your upcoming launch, which helps you build a sense of anticipation among your target audience. This approach helped you create a community of interested individuals eager to learn more about your product.

Pre-selling is particularly important if you’re launching a new product or service. Without a strong pre-selling strategy, attracting customers or generating interest in your offering may be challenging. By educating your audience about life experiences, you can help them understand the value of your product and build trust in your brand.

What My Students & Team Learnt:

Shilpa’s tip is to start your pre-selling process at least 2–3 weeks before your launch date. Use social media, email marketing, and other channels to build interest in your product and invite people to register for your launch event. Ensure you provide valuable information and clear calls to action to encourage people to take action and sign up for your event.

Lesson 2: Be Ready For Things Not To Go As Planned

If you’re experimenting with something new, prepare in advance and keep a backup plan. Shilpa wanted a professional video conferencing setup for her webinar, so she had video experts come to her place to set it up. But, as it was her first time and she didn’t rehearse, she couldn’t feel comfortable amidst so much distraction.

One of the biggest takeaways from one of these life experiences was the importance of honesty and vulnerability. As a business owner, it can be easy to feel like you always need to have everything under control and perfectly planned out. However, this is not always realistic, and showing your audience that you are human can work in your favor.

What My Students & Team Learnt:

When things don’t go as planned, don’t try to hide it or pretend like everything is perfect. Instead, be honest with your audience and let them know what’s happening. This can create a deeper connection with your audience, as they can relate to your struggles and see that you are not infallible.

life experiences

However, Shilpa didn’t let her energy dip, and she confidently told her 900+ audience that something wasn’t working at the backend and quickly switched to her regular setup. She gave you a tip:

  1. Don’t be afraid to showcase your vulnerability.
  2. Let your audience know what’s going on in reality.
  3. Make your audience a part of your journey.

They will appreciate your honesty and authenticity.

Lesson 3: Never Underestimate The Power Of Post-Webinar Selling

Don’t rely on industry norms that say sales happen during the webinar. It’s important when you’re on track to 8 figure out income lessons. Shilpa had over 20 people join within 24 hours after the webinar ended. Following up with your audience after the webinar is important to keep them engaged and remind them of the offer.

Furthermore, keeping the momentum going even after the launch is essential. Follow up with your customers and ensure they are satisfied with their purchase. You can also ask for feedback and testimonials that you can use for future marketing efforts.

In addition, don’t forget to nurture your relationship with your audience. Building a loyal community around your brand is crucial for long-term success. Keep them engaged with regular updates, valuable content, and exclusive offers. Doing so will increase the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

What My Students & Team Learnt:

Remember, the launch is just the beginning. The real work starts after the launch. So, don’t neglect the post-launch phase, and make sure you have a solid plan in place to keep the momentum going.

Lesson 4: Don’t Try To Hide Your Offer

To add more context, customers are more likely to purchase from trustworthy businesses. Therefore, being honest and transparent about what you’re offering is essential. Be clear about the product or service, what it does, and why it’s valuable. It’s important to avoid making false claims or exaggerating the product’s benefits, as this can lead to disappointment and distrust from your audience. 

Additionally, being relatable can help build trust with your audience. Share your story or life experiences and how your product or service has helped you personally. This can help your audience relate to you and your business and see how your product can benefit them.

What My Students & Team Learnt:

Overall, it’s important to balance going out with your offer and being authentic and relatable. Doing so can build trust with your audience, ultimately leading to more sales and a stronger relationship with your customers.

Lesson 5: Stick To Your Timelines

Maintaining your promises and principles is crucial for building a reputable brand. Customers value honesty and transparency, and delivering on your promises strengthens their trust in your brand. In the age of social media, news of bad customer experiences can spread quickly, potentially damaging your brand’s reputation. By sticking to your promises, you avoid negative feedback and create loyal customers who will recommend your brand to others.

What My Students & Team Learnt:

During Shilpa’s launch, she promised a specific timeline for her offer and worked tirelessly to deliver on that promise. This helped her build a reputation as a reliable brand that her audience could trust. She kept her audience informed about any changes or delays and delivered on our promises. This not only helped you to build trust with your audience, but it also helped you to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Her tip is to be transparent about your timelines and to always stick to your promises. If you encounter any issues or delays, communicate honestly with your audience. This will help you to maintain your reputation as a trustworthy brand that values honesty and transparency. Remember, building a solid brand takes time, effort, and dedication, but you can achieve your desired outcomes with hard work and perseverance.

Love From Your Coach

Launching an 8-figure income business is not easy. This always comes with hard life lessons to learn. The five lessons she learned during her launch have helped her grow as a person and business owner. Remember never to underestimate the power of pre-selling, be ready for things not to go as planned, have a solid post-webinar strategy, be transparent and relatable in your offer, and stick to your promises.

As you embark on your coaching journey, keep these lessons in mind. Don’t be afraid to experiment; be prepared to adapt and learn from your mistakes. Stay focused on your goals, and always prioritize your audience’s needs and expectations.

With hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to learn and grow from your life experiences, you too can launch a successful business and achieve the 8-figure income you desire. So, go out there, take action, and realize your dreams!

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