One of the most important lessons I want to impart to people about manifestation as a mindset and manifestation coach is that our subconscious beliefs, not just our ideas, cause us to manifest. Simply said, our inner world is a reflection of our outward reality. Reprogramming subliminal limiting beliefs is crucial to manifesting the things you want, which is why I place a lot of emphasis on it with my manifestation coaching clients. It is, without a doubt, a difficult procedure. There is a great deal of excavating and healing to be done. EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique), sometimes referred to as tapping, is one tool that makes this process considerably quicker and simpler.

Tapping is a powerful therapeutic technique that enables you to deal with unresolved trauma, anxiety, tension, and even fears and phobias, in addition to changing your limiting beliefs.

Incorporating it a few years ago has significantly transformed my life and helped me overcome many obstacles.

Here, I describe what tapping is, how it functions, and how you may employ it to manifest the life of your dreams.

EFT Tapping: What is it?

Modern psychology and traditional Chinese acupressure are combined in tapping. It helps the body regain equilibrium, soothes the nervous system, eliminates negative energy, and rewires your brain to react differently to stimuli by tapping specific meridian spots on your face and body.

Remember These Right Before You Tap

1. Decide which issue is most urgent:

Choosing the topic on which you wish to concentrate is the first step. You may be experiencing fear, a limiting belief, or an emotion. By clarifying what they most want to manifest and then identifying the largest limiting belief preventing them from doing so, I assist my coaching clients in deciding which issue is the most pressing.

2. Pick your setup statement:

  1. Pick your setup statement: 

Once you’ve decided what to address, you need to develop a two-part phrase called a setup statement to help you focus on the problem. The first portion expresses your feelings, while the second part accepts and acknowledges them.

For instance, your setup statement can be: “I want to concentrate on demolishing the notion that earning money is difficult.

“Even if I think earning money is difficult, I fully respect, love, and accept myself.”

This particular wording is not required. It can indeed be changed to make it more meaningful to you.

Tapping Points to Shift Your Energy

As you repeat your setup phrase at least three times, begin by tapping on your karate chop point, which is the fleshy area on the side of your hand between your pinky and your wrist.

Then, as you express your feelings, continue to the other tapping places, tapping each one five to seven times. Since the meridian points run down both sides of your body, you can work on any side (or both).

The tapping points are as follows:

  • Eyebrow point
  • Side of the eye point
  • Under the eye point
  • Under the nose point
  • Chin point
  • Collarbone point
  • Under the arm point 
  • Top of the head point

Tap on the negative: 

Run through a few rounds concentrating on the bad, which means you’re expressing your thoughts on the most important matter. Any ideas or emotions that come to mind should be expressed. You should start with the negative because it is your current reality, and giving those emotions a voice to process and overcome them is crucial.

Tap in the good: 

After completing a few rounds of the negatives and clearing them from your mind, you may begin a few rounds of the positives. The enjoyable part is now! You tap into the new beliefs you wish to ingrain in your subconscious mind at this time.

Simply be precise. The most successful tapping occurs when you are specific.

Take a big breath to finish.

Advantages Of EFT Tapping

  • It could provide relief from tension, jitters, and anxiety.
  • Help accomplish goals more quickly and also help you eliminate mental obstacles.
  • Helps you manifest ideas more quickly.
  • Excellent for mental health and may help you deal with trauma.
  • Assist in erasing any limiting beliefs

How To Do EFT To Shift Your Energy

Step 1: Outline Your Desires

You can set a precise objective, such as: “I want to make a million dollars a year.”

A more broad objective is to improve my connection with my mother.

Another way to put it is as a vision: I want to alter society dramatically.

Don’t stress about doing this step correctly. The first language that comes to mind is the one you should use. But DO remember to record everything in writing.

Step 2: After Reading That Aim, Record Your First Instinct

What are you FEELING?

Are you in complete agreement with it?

How does reading it affect your body?

For instance, you could hear, “I feel uneasy when I read this, eager and nervous…”

Give each emotion a 0–10 grade, and be detailed in your remarks.

As you read the objective, if you start to feel nervous, write down “I’m nervous,” and then, next to it, add a number indicating how nervous you are. “8,” for instance.

You are allowed to record several feelings or emotions. Be as detailed as you can.

Do you experience stomach clenching? Make a note of that.

Do you feel a little queasy? Make a note of that.

Step 3: Jot Down What Others Would Say About Your Objective If You Told Them About It

Coworkers, society, friends, family, etc.

Write down the first thought that comes to mind.

So, if you imagine your mother responding, “It’s a ridiculous concept,” when you tell her about your objective, write that down along with how you FEEL about her comments.

As mentioned previously, be explicit and assign it many intensities.

Step 4: Outline Your Goals And Beliefs

“Part of me feels this is impossible,” for instance. Never before have I been able to achieve this. Who am I to believe I can accomplish this?

Write down any emotions this causes you to experience.

Give them a particular rating for emotional intensity.

Step 5: Methodically Tap All Of This Resistance Out And All Your Positive Emotions And Aspirations In!

Tap on each thing that evoked an emotional reaction until you have reduced the intensity of those sensations to “0” or a modest amount.

Any other issues that surface along the procedure should be noted.

Take time with it since you might need more time to finish it.

You have paved the road for your objective to manifest once you have worked through all the problems (and keep looking for additional hidden ones).

Love From Your Coach

EFT Tapping

I know all this can seem too overwhelming initially, but tapping with a coach (like me!) can be effective & smooth for you. This is incredibly useful, in my opinion, since a coach may help you see blind spots that you might be missing or ask you the right questions to help you delve deeper and truly get to the heart of what’s holding you back. This allows us to really go detailed and make some significant changes.

Also, make tapping a daily ritual.

My entire life genuinely started to alter when I began tapping every day. I was removing layers one at a time. Every time, I experienced a lighter, more natural feeling. Like other spiritual practices like writing and meditation, tapping works best when it becomes a daily habit. Commit to doing it as often as possible, even if it’s just for 10 minutes in the morning or before night, and I guarantee you’ll see beautiful effects.

Tap away your worries? Although it may seem excessively straightforward, using the dynamic freedom technique could make it achievable.


1. Which nine tapping points are there?

Most tapping techniques involve the heel of the hand, three spots around the eyes, the region below the nose, the area below the lips, the collarbone, the armpit, and the top of the head. Tapping techniques can vary somewhat. At each place, seven to nine taps are delivered.

2. What is EFT tapping?

EFT tapping is an alternative acupressure therapy procedure designed to bring your disordered energy back into balance. It has shown some promise as a therapy for anxiety, sadness, physical pain, and sleeplessness. It has been approved as a treatment for PTSD in veterans of war.

3. What should I say while tapping using EFT?

“Even though I have this [fear or problem], I profoundly and embrace myself.” You can change this sentence to match your needs, but it must not refer to someone else’s issue.

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