Since the inception of my coaching journey, I’ve always recognized the tremendous influence of mindset and manifestation coaching. I understood that a successful coaching business growth couldn’t solely rely on strategy; it needed something more—a success mindset and high energy. This guide takes you through my journey and the mindset shifts I underwent to manifest my very first coaching client. It’s a journey that encompasses self-realization, detaching from limiting beliefs, understanding your feelings toward clients, and embracing gratitude.


If you’re ready to learn how to manifest your first coaching clients and embark on your path to coaching success, let’s dive in!

Step-by-Step Approach For Getting Your First Coaching Clients

1. Have Faith in the Universe

To understand how to manifest your coaching clients step by step, begin by acknowledging that we are all interconnected within the universe. This realization is pivotal in making your dreams achievable. When you recognize this interconnectivity, it becomes easier to attract the clients you desire. 

For instance, my journey toward a successful coaching business started with the desire to secure my first coaching client. I focused on aligning my energy with that of my ideal client acquisition for a coach, knowing that we were essentially made of the same cosmic substance.

2. Understand You Are Not Your Mind

When limiting beliefs arise, remember that they don’t define you. These thoughts are not your identity but merely creations of your mind. By detaching from these thoughts, you can objectively analyze them and discard what doesn’t serve you. 

For example, at the start of my coaching business, I worried about finding the right strategy to grow my business and getting my first coaching clients online. I also feared that I couldn’t create a coaching program or leave my 9-5 job. 

Detaching from these thoughts enabled me to focus my energy on proactive actions, ultimately expediting my journey to manifesting my first coaching client.

3. Explore Your Feelings About Taking on Clients

To manifest coaching clients successfully, you must delve deep into your feelings about accepting paid clients. Examine how you genuinely feel about the prospect of working with clients, as your emotions play a vital role in attracting them.

4. Identify and Confront Your Limiting Beliefs

The next step in manifesting and attracting coaching clients is to identify and confront the limiting beliefs you hold in three key areas: yourself as an entrepreneur, working with clients, and money.

I began this process by journaling my thoughts and feelings to uncover the stories I consistently told myself. This self-reflection provided me with clarity and allowed me to address each limiting belief methodically.

Once you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, the next step is to clear them out. Journaling can be a valuable tool during this process, and seeking guidance from a business and life coach can offer additional insights. Clearing these doubts, insecurities, and negative emotions is vital to your success.

In my journey, my life coach played a crucial role in helping me release my limiting beliefs and manifest clients more swiftly. Finding proof that your limiting beliefs are not true can also facilitate the process.

5. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is another essential step in lifting your vibration and harnessing the power of the law of attraction. Instead of fixating on what you lack, concentrate on getting your first coaching clients you’ve already worked with and the progress you’ve made.

For me, shifting my focus from scarcity to abundance had a transformative effect. Feeling grateful allowed the universe to send more positive experiences my way.

6. Examine Your Feelings About Pricing

Your pricing strategy is intertwined with the manifestation of coaching clients. Your emotions about your prices can impact your ability to attract high-ticket clients. If you don’t feel confident about your pricing, consider reevaluating and finding a price that resonates with you.

7.Surrender to the Universe

Surrendering is a fundamental component of manifesting clients for your coaching business. It’s about trusting that the universe supports and provides for you, even if the path doesn’t unfold exactly as you envisioned.

I learned to trust the universe by embracing past experiences where apparent setbacks ultimately led to profound benefits. This trust allowed me to relinquish concerns about my first client, knowing that the universe had my back.


The journey to manifesting coaching success with your first coaching clients is a blend of mindset shifts, emotional awareness, and alignment with the universe. By following these steps and infusing your journey with gratitude and confidence, you can make your coaching dreams a reality.

Remember, your success mindset and energy play a pivotal role in attracting clients. Trust in the process, clear out limiting beliefs and maintain a specific focus on your goals. Act as if your vision has already come to fruition, and watch as your coaching business growth unfolds.

As you embark on your journey to manifest coaching clients, keep in mind that you are already miles ahead of most other coaches by seeking knowledge and growth. Your determination and commitment to this path are the keys to your success.

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