Manifesting is sometimes straightforward, yet people need help understanding it.

That is why I devote much time to discussing this subject with them and providing guidance. Minor changes in attitude and energy may significantly impact your performance here.

I avoid giving you the same old, outdated advice you’ve undoubtedly heard a thousand times while explaining manifestation in simple terms.

The truth is that most manifesting techniques need to dive deeper.

What Is The Power Of Manifestation?

Manifestation involves aligning with your desires, taking inspired actions, and allowing the Universe to support you. It’s always a good idea to check in from time to time to ensure you’re still doing it correctly, whether you’re manifesting love, money, or anything else.

To ensure you’re still on the correct path, I have put together this little piece about the dos and don’ts of manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

Do’s & Don’t Of Manifestation

Have you ever been trying to figure out how to manifest correctly? 

Do you need clarification about how to proceed or if you’re doing it correctly?

The idea of manifestation may be summed up as making your dreams come true using the force of your ideas, beliefs, and deeds. That implies that your actions, beliefs, and thoughts are all factors in achieving your goals.

But consider this: It might be fascinating to start learning about everything that the Law of Attraction is capable of once you start getting comfortable with manifesting. Therefore, even if the idea of manifesting may seem intriguing yet unattainable, following some simple dos and don’ts might help you live the life of your dreams.

Dos Of Living Your Dream Life


Even attaining what we believe we desire is not the goal of true manifestation. Receiving what is best for everyone is the goal. You’ll have occasions where you’ll successfully attract your desired outcomes. However, the aim is not to control outcomes to achieve precisely what you want.

Keep in mind that sometimes the plan of the Universe could be better.

You may entirely block a far better chance at a different organisation if, for instance, your meditations and affirmations are focused on getting a promotion at work!

Your plan is one of many. You may have faith that spirit is directing you toward your objectives and much more when you give yourself over to the practice of manifesting.


It takes more than merely imagining what you want and sitting back to wait for it to manifest. It involves letting go of any connection to the result while simultaneously taking inspired action toward your objectives or ambitions. This entails having faith in the Universe to bring about everything in its ideal time and manner.


It takes more than one action to manifest something. It’s a routine you should include in your everyday life and adopt as a lifestyle. This entails routinely monitoring your ideas, beliefs, emotions, and behaviour to ensure they align with your desire.

Dont’s Of Living Your Dream Life


The most common mistake about manifesting is this one. It’s commonly believed that all you need to do is create a vision board and record a lot of positive affirmations in your diary. Then the item you want will materialise in front of you by magic.

Affirmations and vision boards are fantastic because they provide clarity. I adore them both! But sometimes, we might get convinced that we are right. We develop strong attachments to particular results or timelines for events.

By doing this, we disconnect from the Universal direction and enter a manic manifestation mode.


Starting your manifesting adventure may be both thrilling and intimidating. You might be thinking, “Where do I start?” Do I have the correct course? But if you know where to search, plenty of advice is available, and you are not alone. To assist people like you in aligning your life with what you genuinely desire, I developed the 30-Day Rise N Shine Manifestation Club

As you develop your new habit and work through any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging difficulties, I will be by your side every step. You may design the life of your dreams and bring them to reality in just thirty days!


Do what your inner voice tells you to when it urges you to. Take your time with it. Don’t put it off. There is a motive behind why you feel compelled to place that call, send that email, or see this someone. Always follow your gut instinct! Observe it. It will provide the breadcrumb trail you need to get where you want.

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The Universe sends signals to communicate with you through intuition. I understand why some people focus on the daily grind throughout the manifestation process rather than leaning into trust. You think you must, so it occurs! It occurs because you still need to hone your trustworthiness and establish a rapport with the unknowable.

Love From Your Coach

You see, when you clearly understand what you should be doing to materialise your dream life and what you shouldn’t, you offer yourself the opportunity to form the proper kinds of wholesome habits that will draw the life you want. Even if you notice yourself doing any of the “don’t,” keep in mind that this is all a learning process, and with time and practice, you will become more adept at manifesting. Therefore, DON’T doubt yourself or the Universe, stay committed to your goals, let go of control and expectations, and adopt manifesting as a way of life. 

Also, remember that you are never alone. Help is always available, but sometimes you have to ask for it.


1. How can I follow a consistent morning routine?

Remember that you are doing this for the long run. Pick your activities carefully to maintain your enthusiasm for your daily routine. If you need more motivation to use the law of attraction, steal my 6-step law of attraction morning routine.

2. How can I identify my limiting beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are a problem for many professionals and business owners since they can hinder success. The secret to overcoming limiting ideas is learning to recognise them. Read my blog & learn how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs & achieve your dreams.

3. How does the Law Of Attraction work?

Like attracts like. You get back what you put out into the world. Because your mind works like a magnet, any energy you emit will eventually return to you. For deep knowledge, refer to my Ultimate Manifestation Guide.

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